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A New Panda Update

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It will come as no surprise to search marketers and webmasters out there that Google has confirmed that they have pushed out a Panda update – and it was only last weekend.

This is set to be a s-l-o-w rollout though, so stay on your toes! In fact, Google has confirmed that it could take months for the update to be fully rolled out.

This does have further implications of course. Whilst Google Panda is a site-wide update, it does mean that some of your deeper pages may not be impacted straight away – good or bad, we will leave that for you to decide!
With the last official Panda update released last September, most webmasters have been waiting for an update for the past few months.

So far Google have said that the update has affected around 3% of English language queries, but of course, this could continue to rise as the update continues its rollout.

So with the new rollout, how to previously penalised sites stand?
Well, if you acted on the penalisation and worked to improve your site in a natural and organic way, this update will give your site the perfect chance to redeem itself – but stay patient; this is due to be another slow process.

The SH View
Google Panda was released way back in 2011 (also the year of release for The Hangover Part II, The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and Apple’s iPhone 4S FYI) with the goal of stopping poor quality content sources finding their way into Google’s search results. The idea behind regular Panda updates is to ensure that those sites that still exists with spammy, poor quality content are caught, and those that have improved their content profile could* be redeemed. (*possibly – not guaranteed, nothing ever is with Google!)

We are strong believers that quality, relevant content on your site WILL impact Google in a positive way – so edit your older spammy content, do some content research and get writing.

Or better yet, get in touch and we can do all of that for you!

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