What are the maths? Who’s Spending what?

What are the maths? Who’s spending what?

As part of our unique approach to Search Marketing we have developed two special algorithms of our own…

Algorithm 1: How much does it cost to get good results from your chosen keyword?

This is an SEO centric view of the world predicting how much resource is anticipated to lift specific keyword phrases onto Page 1 Google, based on where a site sits today and the competition over a sustained period – for us it’s simply not good enough to guess at budgets and we don’t know why other Search companies persist in doing it.

Clients aren’t expected to stick to the recommended figures but use them as a guide – we then turn agreed monthly budgets into time used in a campaign. All we need to know is the URL, the keyword phrase and if you have it, the approximate position in Google.

Algorithm 2: How much are your competitors spending?

Our second algorithm is a Business Owners / Directors view of the world.

By benchmarking our past campaigns we have been able to create a unique assessment of how much peer businesses are probably spending on Search Marketing, taking into account company stature and history. It’s also an algorithm that yields very surprising results and means we only target businesses best suited to online success. We will tell you straight.

You can find out where we think your competitors are positioned by contacting us, we are of course also happy to give you our thoughts about your own businesses budgets.

All you need to tell us is the URL or company details and we will provide an estimated breakdown by SEO, PPC, Email and Affiliate Marketing channels

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For a no obligation discussion about your online performance, including an assessment using either of our algorithms, please do get in touch by email or phone below – we are sure you’ll find it an enjoyable and a Seriously Helpful experience.

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