An Ethical Business in more ways than one

1)  We don’t use any dodgy practices in our SEO or Social Media campaigns, that’s why in all our years in these markets, our team have never caused a client site to be banned or penalised.

2)  Employees are all stakeholders in the company and even trainees are paid the Living Wage, not just the Minimum Wage. We also provide perks beyond government recommendations for an engaged and happy workforce. Suppliers that help make our clients businesses perform better can also become stakeholders, and these equity benefits don’t get taken away when people leave.

3)  Our Directors peg their pay at around the level of the staff average – encouraging the whole business to perform, and we publish the data transparently (along with all our other metrics) which are available for clients or prospective clients to see.

4)  We take our CSR responsibilities seriously too. We were a Carbon Neutral company from only our second year of trading and we go way beyond the offset needed to counter our 45 “double-deckers” equivalent of CO2 produced each year.

5)  We help others Offset+.  Our Seriously Helpful Offset Service helps companies achieve their own Carbon Neutral claims – we have developed low cost techniques to enable the majority of companies to offset for life* for just £600 per employee, and better still we manage everything for you.

6) We Give Back. Through our association with Northants Business School, Corby Enterprise Zone (average satisfaction score 93%) & Aston University (where we are business alumni of the Goldman Sachs Funded 10K Small Business Program) we run an education program to educate smaller businesses and start-ups in how to best to invest their scarce capital online, teach them which channels deliver the best ROI, useful shortcuts, pitfalls to avoid etc.

7) We Help Charities. As a Midlands based business we thought it would be nice to start out with our CSR charity program by helping locally based charities – so the first organisation we are helping by providing free SEO and Social Media guidance too is FCN, The Farming Community Network – a very worthwhile organisation which helps farming families in times of distress. Our most recent addition is as a founding sponsor of Keep Care Homes Live (, an innovative new charity providing free musical gigs for Care Home residents.

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8) We believe in our people. All our staff have progressed through higher level NVQ programs in Business Administration. If our staff think like business owners isn’t it likely we will be on the same wavelength?… we invest time in making this happen and extend our NVQ program into teaching staff new skills, not merely validating what we already know.

*Plus VAT. Estimated for 25 years.

We have championed Offset + in the UK (are we really sure offsetting is enough to safeguard future generations?) so we invest in renewable clean energies well beyond our companies current total consumption. We aim to reduce wastage and then offset the following:

    • 100% of billed energy consumption
    • Employees commute – even when they are on leave
    • Business travel
    • Technology manufacture
    • Office Furniture
    • Water & Sewage – including a home contribution
    • Printing & Paper

We also offset the additional CO2 of implementing offset strategies, be that wind-turbine manufacture, solar, tree-planting etc. And then we go the extra mile twice…..firstly by adding an extra 5% for contingencies, and then doubling everything up by further tree planting in the UK so we are offsetting usage for a company twice our size and confident we are always ahead of our own growth.