Why doesn’t our site reveal a lot?

Google is not playing with a straight bat!

The days of using tricks to get to the top of Search Engines like Google are sadly behind us…  These days, they play the tricks to get business owners to spend excessive budgets on Paid Search / PPC, even though they know it’s unlikely to make clients a sustainable Return on Investment.

This all came to a head in 2011/12 when the latest algorithm changes started to heavily penalise websites that “do-what-they-say-on-the-tin”, particularly if said sites also compete on highly valued “Money Phrases” aka competitive terms that just so happen to also earn the engines a fortune in Paid Advertising revenue.

So what’s the answer?

Mix it up and appear less focused. It’s one reason why we don’t reveal the details about our business and why we don’t join Google forums etc.

Obviously it’s not easy to appear less focused about your business when you really want to focus – and it’s taken us a long time to learn these kind of techniques and the others that govern where a website appears in the rankings – we think 140 factors make a difference and you’ll almost certainly be surprised at what’s top of our list!

We keep the inter-relation between these factors close to our chest, as that’s the reason our team’s clients have enjoyed above-average success for years.

Our approach is simple and works like an orchestra

We work with you to understand what music you want to play and the result you want to achieve, and then find the best mix of instruments to deliver that as simply and quickly as possible.

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Online channels now impact over a third of all commerce. Top position on Google can equal 21% market share.