Catriona McFarlane – Head of Content Strategy

Catriona McFarlane Photo

About Me

Finding a career in which I could make the most of my love of reading and writing had always been an ambition of mine, so I find my role at Seriously Helpful very rewarding. I enjoy working on creative projects and working with the team, though they appreciate at times I can get cranky if distracted when concentrating!

  • My interests include reading, art and all things animal and nature related. When not at work I’m usually out dog walking (I also have a great passion for food so am usually planning my next meal at the same time!)
  • General dislikes include soggy oven food, hanging out washing and insincerity.

Team Questions and Answers

Nickname: Cat

Bucket list places to visit: The Natural History Museum with enough time to actually look at everything.

What are you scared of: Quicker to ask what I’m not scared of!

If you found a magic lamp, which three things would you wish for? Magical powers of my very own, inspiration and a multipack of crisps.

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life? Elijah Wood

What are the last three songs you listened too?  The Killers ‘Read My Mind’, OMD ‘Messages’, Deadmau5 ‘Professional Griefers’

What came first and why? The chicken or the egg? I must’ve missed that one, but I’ll guess the chicken came first because it was faster, having legs and all.

Pick one – sweet or salted: Salted

If you were to watch one film on repeat forever, what would it be and why? The Shawshank Redemption – I like it but I’m also pretty sure I could ignore it if I chose to.

Explain how the internet works: In mysterious ways.

If you were a piece of stationary from your desk what would you be and why?  A compass – requiring careful handling and tending to go round in circles.