Jessica Eszenyi – Online Marketing Apprentice

Jessica Eszenyi Photo

About Me

Although I am fresh to the marketing industry, I feel like I have slotted into the team at Seriously Helpful like a little puzzle piece! I like to think I am reliable and a good friend to those who need me – I don’t beat around the bush! I spend a lot of my time looking at screens, usually scrolling through social media, working or watching films and series – I pretend I like the outdoors, but I only really go outside when I start looking pale and need to top-up my tan.


  • My likes include Netflix, travelling abroad (trying to visit as many countries as I can before I one day buy a house), planning, lasagne and sun!
  • My dislikes include loud people, slow shoppers, slow internet, being cold and getting the hiccups.

Team Questions and Answers

Nickname: Jess – kind of boring!


Bucket list places to visit: Positano, Singapore, Thailand and Bali.


What are you scared of: Getting stranded at sea!


If you found a magic lamp, which three things would you wish for? 1. The opportunity to travel the world 2. Unlimited funds for my family and I 3. To be able to live without a worry.


Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life? Taller version of Melissa McCarthy.


What are the last three songs you listened too? Girl with the tattoo Enter.lewd, Miguel. Ivy, Frank Ocean. The Boys Of Summer, Don Henley.


What came first and why? The chicken or the egg? The egg because the chicken really doesn’t make sense.


Pick one – sweet or salted: 100% salted – cheese over chocolate any day.


If you were to watch one film on repeat forever, what would it be and why? Grease – how could I possibly get bored of Danny?


Explain how the internet works: Google. Search. Google. Search. Google. Search. You get the gist!


If you were a piece of stationery from your desk what would you be and why?  I would be a note pad – to-do lists are my thing.