Rachel Noding – Senior Social & Online Marketing Executive

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About Me

Dipping in and out of all the different aspects of digital marketing is what I do best – learning new techniques whilst effectively using older strategies, platforms and methods. Although I am getting older and find social media less and less appealing in my personal life, I do believe it has a huge part to play for businesses, so you will find me active on most platforms! 😉

Away from work, I will be found doing one of the following – especially in the post lockdown days – reading, cooking or watching sports on TV in lieu of not being at my spiritual home in person, Old Trafford. I can be found most evenings rewatching The Walking Dead with my husband and cats, and can also be found embarrassing my teenage son too.

  • A creative thinker, I like to think right outside the box, sometimes to the point where it seems like the box is a million miles away. It is always still in sight though. Just!
  • My likes include supporting my team, Manchester United, watching the mighty Northants Steelbacks play, allll the makeup, good food and wine and time spent with family and friends.
  • My dislikes include olives, Sunday drivers, people who interrupt me when I have a book in my hand and that other red football club in the North-West.

Team Questions and Answers

Nickname: Rach, Raquel, Blondie – take your pick. I answer to most things these days.

Bucket list places to visit: Mauritius, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica (already visited, but want to go back to do some of the things we didn’t do!), Iceland, Croatia, Germany, Hawaii, Barbados….the list goes on and on.

What are you scared of:  Not a lot scares me, but when a spider runs towards me from its hiding spot under the TV, I do scream a little.

If you found a magic lamp, which three things would you wish for?
1. Health, happiness and wealth for my friends and family
2. A fully stocked wine cellar (I’d also ask that this was a bottomless cellar)
3. A private plane ready to take us wherever, whenever for our next family adventure.

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life? Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Aniston.

What are the last three songs you listened too?
1) Last Of The True Believers – Jessie Ware
2) Over Now – Calvin Harris, The Weeknd
3) Thinking of You – Joesef

What came first and why? The chicken or the egg? Chicken. Chicken?

Pick one – sweet or salted: Salted all day of the week.

If you were to watch one film on repeat forever, what would it be and why? The Green Mile. I mean, what a film.

Explain how the internet works: Just like the Facebook relationship status, it’s complicated…

If you were a piece of stationery from your desk what would you be and why?  Fountain pen. A bit old fashioned, but timeless and reliable. But does have the tendency to be a bit messy which is also me to a tee.