Stuart Haining – Maverick

Stuart Haining Photo

About Me

Have a passion for online strategy and disruptive technologies – but is pragmatic too, having been working with this online malarkey for 20+ years!

I’m Seriously Helpful but not always serious!

  • I’m into fast cars, shooting and reading… but not usually at the same time
  • My current likes are Breaking Bad and Modern Family on TV, Daft Punk on the CD
  • My current dislikes… Too many road-signs & Speed bumps and Vodafone (they managed to connect a call last year!)
  • I’m based in Northamptonshire but have been known to go as far as Kidderminster

Team Questions and Answers

Nickname: Stuart Haining (like ‘Raining’)

Bucket list places to visit: Kidderminster, USA, Hong Kong & New Zealand – all in one trip!

What are you scared of: Most things, especially large spiders and these days small ones – aren’t they the most poisonous in the UK?

If you found a magic lamp, which three things would you wish for? Rachel Stevens, Lucy Weather, World Peace

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life? Jay Kay or Austin Powers

What are the last three songs you listened too?  Anything by Daft Punk

What came first and why? The chicken or the egg? The chips…you can’t eat chicken or egg without them can you?

Pick one – sweet or salted: Walkers Sweet Chilli Crisps – so don’t have to choose

If you were to watch one film on repeat forever, what would it be and why? The One & Only – nobody else likes it, it makes me laugh and is set is Newcastle which has to be the coolest regional accent?

Explain how the internet works: I’m amazed it does…..I subscribe to the Black Box theory in IT Crowd

If you were a piece of stationery from your desk what would you be and why?  A mug….because I employ a lot of crazy people!