Image of Google Panda update

A New Panda Update

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It will come as no surprise to search marketers and webmasters out there that Google has confirmed that they have pushed out a Panda update – and it was only last weekend. This is set to be a s-l-o-w rollout though, so stay on your toes! In fact, Google has confirmed that it could take months for the update to …

Facebook thumbs up

Decrease in Facebook Likes

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Facebook recently announced via their blog that on the 12th March, Facebook page admins may see a slight decrease in likes on their pages. This is due to Facebook removing any likes that come from now memorialised accounts, deleted accounts and inactive users. Facebook have stressed that this is nothing to worry about and instead will work towards reflecting a better …

Image of Oscar awards

Twitter are holding back on releasing their Oscar stats

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Always happy to release number when it suits them and makes them look massive (which, granted they are….) Twitter so far have refused to release numbers following on from the 2015 Oscars which took place last weekend, Sunday 22nd Feb. As we all know, and we here at Seriously Helpful like to tell everyone, news breaks on social networks. Especially …

Wear Red Day

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Last Friday, we were Seriously Helpful and helped to raise vital money for the British Heart Foundation as part of the national ‘Wear It. Beat It’ fundraising campaign. Being a smaller office, it was always going to be hard to do something truly big, like a bake sale or sitting in a bath of beans for a whole day, so …

Who doesnt love glitter

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Ever heard of a new website called No? – well you have now! Only 24 hours after the launch of the site, the founder and owner, 22 year old Matthew Carpenter from Sydney, has put the site up for sale after being inundated with orders from people wanting to get in on a little glitter action for their foes. …

End of Year Recap

End of year recap

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So as the year draws to a close, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at the internet highlights, and lows, of the past 12 months Google Searches: Looking back on the year in terms of searches brings back some strong memories. 10. Sochi Olympics The Olympic Winter Games held this time round in Russia were …

Facebook rivalling LinkedIn

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Facebook developers are working on a new career based social network set to throw some serious shade at LinkedIn. Facebook are creating the platform currently, but adding in features to keep personal and professional accounts separate – so you can post images of you out and about till the early hours of the morning and all the pet related post …

The magic of a John Lewis Christmas

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So the latest John Lewis Christmas advert was launched today, and the internet nearly blew up*. Heart-warming with a slight tinge of sadness, the video perfectly encompasses the increasingly popular brand that is John Lewis.  Now part of the unofficial countdown to Christmas, the adverts that are released annually spread over social media like wild fire and people round the …