Dropbox users – time for a password update?

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According to a hacker, close to seven million usernames and passwords have been stolen for the very popular cloud based sharing and storage server, Dropbox. A poster uploaded a series of links onto reddit in the early hours of this morning UK time that are thought to contain users login information. At the time, reddit users confirmed that some of …

How well does Google know you?

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You may or may not know that Google runs ads based on what you have previously searched online for before – so when you have been on a shoe website looking at some lovely winter boots, you will more often than not, find that you will be targeted with adverts featuring those very same boots, or ones very similar, a …

Funny Friday – Images you can find on Google

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Thanks to Google, we have access to not only all of the search engine results we could ever possibly want, but also, a vast array of photos and images – especially now that Google Street View and Google Maps are so prominent. And as it is a Friday, we thought we would create a ‘Friday Funny’ Pinterest board on the …

Drum roll please – the top brand is

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Last week CoolBrands, The Centre for Brand Analysis, released their latest list which details the brands in the UK that are simply put, the coolest! And it didn’t come as a surprise to us here in the Seriously Helpful office, that once again, Apple retained its crown for the third year running. Of course, its popularity was enhanced due to …

iOS 8

My iOS 8 Gems

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So, at exactly 6.01pm last night, I was ready to download the latest Apple iOS offering – iOS 8. After freeing up nearly 5 GB in order to actually start downloading, the two hour process began. At just gone 8pm, I was in iOS heaven, playing around with the new features and settings that have been applied to my trusted …

The iPhone 6 and 6Plus compared to the iPhone 5S

The Latest Offerings from Apple

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As a self-confessed Apple fan, I spent all of yesterday eagerly awaiting just what would be unveiled at the Flint Center, California, USA. And of course, I was not disappointed. From U2 storming the stage and announcing that for everyone who pre-orders the new phone, they would be given an advance copy of their new album, via iTunes naturally, to …

Very Pinteresting!

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Latest News: If you are a Pinterest fan, like we are here at Seriously Helpful, the latest Pinterest update will allow you to connect further with like-minded people as well as to see content that you probably wouldn’t have before and also perhaps also discover new likes! The latest update, which introduces topic categories, will be a massive boost to …

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Increase in Government Twitter Data Requests in 2014 – will it continue?

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The first half of 2014 has seen an increase in the number of requests government officials have made to Twitter seeking user data or even the removal of some content. During the first 6 months of the year, Twitter had over two thousand requests from government bodies with regards to data, mostly in relation to criminal investigations. This was a …

SH World Cup Facts

The Most Social World Cup Ever!

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On the 8th July, the World Cup delivered something that was practically unthought-of. Germany absolutely annihilated Brazil, who were of course hosting the huge competition in the semi-finals of the global tournament. What happened in the game was completely astonishing, both on and off the field and had football fans across the world completely gripped. Records were broke socially on …