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Latest Updates to Google Workspace

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If you’ve been working at home through the past year then at some point you’ve probably come across Google Workspace (previously GSuite). A competitor to other digital workspaces such as Citrix and VMWare, the Google Workspace exists to bring all of its collaborative, communication and time management products together in one place to aid remote working. Google Assistant Google Assistant …

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Alternative Options to Google’s Rich Results Tool

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It’s old news now that Google is due to refocus the current Structured Data Testing Tool and replace it with the Rich Results Test tool for users who wish to test their markup for Google Search rich result types. If like me, you use the Structured Data tool a lot then you’ll no doubt be keen to look at alternatives, …

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Seriously Helpful Tips for Clear Content Creation

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Content is king, and clarity is key – it’s really important for both search engines and users that website content is well written, clear and engaging. Not only do search engines use content as part of their algorithm to help decide on a website’s value, but users also easily turn away if they come across content that they don’t understand …

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Page Experience Update May 2021

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It’s only December, but it’s never too early to talk about a Google update, especially one that will be introducing actual visual indicators for search users during their browsing experience. Google first announced updates to the way it measures user experience back in May this year and confirmed in November that it would start being rolled out in May 2021. …

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Instagram Reels; the new kid on the block in video marketing

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If you’re on Instagram for either business or personal use then you’ll have no doubt seen Instagram Reels, the latest feature to be released to further Instagram’s offering of 15-second long visual content “reels” for businesses and personal users. Launched in August, Reels have really taken off with users who want to showcase their visual content in a different way …

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Google’s 2020 Indexing Issues

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2020 has been a real ‘mare of a year, and that’s a fact! There doesn’t seem to be any one area of the world or any one sector that events this year have not impacted, whether that’s down to bushfires, awareness of important issues or of course, the overriding cloud that is COVID-19. You might think though that Google would …

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Google Change the Meta Game (again)

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Thank you Google! We’ve just spent the last few months rewriting meta descriptions to an optimum length of 260-300 characters and now the word is on the street that Google’s rolled this back so now they’re showing max 160 characters per listing. Is it time for us to roll back our meta, too? To be honest – no! If you, …