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Instagram Reels; the new kid on the block in video marketing

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If you’re on Instagram for either business or personal use then you’ll have no doubt seen Instagram Reels, the latest feature to be released to further Instagram’s offering of 15-second long visual content “reels” for businesses and personal users. Launched in August, Reels have really taken off with users who want to showcase their visual content in a different way …

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Google’s 2020 Indexing Issues

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2020 has been a real ‘mare of a year, and that’s a fact! There doesn’t seem to be any one area of the world or any one sector that events this year have not impacted, whether that’s down to bushfires, awareness of important issues or of course, the overriding cloud that is COVID-19. You might think though that Google would …

Why Google Why

Google Change the Meta Game (again)

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Thank you Google! We’ve just spent the last few months rewriting meta descriptions to an optimum length of 260-300 characters and now the word is on the street that Google’s rolled this back so now they’re showing max 160 characters per listing. Is it time for us to roll back our meta, too? To be honest – no! If you, …

Google Maps

Google to close Classic Maps, but will you notice the difference?

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Google released a huge update to their Maps function in Feb 2014, replacing the Classic version with an upgraded version. This met with mixed feedback; some users find the new Maps is very slow to load and hard to navigate, but others find the enhanced features outweigh the downsides, including Street View imagery, easier route planning and clearer directions. Those …


From Then til Now – 10 Years of Search

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I started working in the world of search in 2007 (which wasn’t 10 years ago I know, unless my maths are a bit out), but in those 8 years the online marketing world has turned so far upside down it might as well be staring at itself backwards – so much has changed! I remember the good old days of …

Bing Image Search

Bing takes Window Shopping to a Whole New Level!

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We don’t hear a lot about Bing – or indeed, about any search engine really that doesn’t begin with the letter G, but Microsoft aren’t giving up yet! Hot on the heels of the bestseller book update released in January, Bing image search has now been updated in beta to include retail results! There’s a lot of competition out there …

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Mobile Money Matters

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Following on from our post on Mobile Friendly – The Facts, a study released this week by The Federal Reserve in America shows that 22% of mobile phone owners made a payment on their device in 2014. It’s not only online payments showing an increase, either! Mobile banking has become extremely popular, using dedicated banking apps – 39% of smartphone …