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Confirmed – A mobile website will form part of Google’s ranking factors

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In an announcement released last week over on the Webmaster Tools blog, Google has confirmed that as of the 21st April 2015, mobile usability WILL form part of their ranking factors.

Whilst the rest of the ranking factors have always stayed firmly under lock and key, Google have announced that this will now feature and not only that, but it will be applied worldwide and in all languages.

Over recent months, Google has dropped MASSIVE hints about the future of mobile and how seriously they view mobile friendly websites, and this latest news has just gone on to prove that point.

If you do not have a mobile friendly site yet, it is well worth considering getting one as soon as possible. With Google being so open about it, it is clear that it is going to make up a larger part of the ranking process.

Time to get serious and get that mobile site launched – get in touch for some expert advice today!

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