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Facebook developers are working on a new career based social network set to throw some serious shade at LinkedIn.

Facebook are creating the platform currently, but adding in features to keep personal and professional accounts separate – so you can post images of you out and about till the early hours of the morning and all the pet related post you like, without them having an impact on your professional, work based profile.

The idea is to allow colleagues to chat online, connect with colleagues in different offices, and even different countries and time zones as well as to calibrate on documents, as users can already do on main market leaders, Google Drive and Microsoft apps.

Facebook are keen for this work based platform to be a success, so that employers will allow ‘Facebook at Work’ – which is the current working title for the project.

Most employers in the UK, and around the world, frown upon the use of the social networking site within work hours or on work devices with some companies and employers going as far as to block the site completely.

Benefits for users to this new network will probably not be trumped by that fact that employees can rest assured that clients and senior managers within the company will not be able to see any personal details or updates, as Facebook aim to make a strong effort to separate the work / personal life divide – something that in this day in age is normally forgotten about.

Keeping the same colour scheme as the main Facebook, work is rumoured to be underway in the London Facebook offices, with a pilot scheme likely to be rolled out gauging success.


Seriously Helpful Thought:
I think this is a great way for Facebook to compete with LinkedIn and make themselves a bigger brand – at Seriously Helpful, we are willing to try anything and look forward to trialling this new idea from Facebook, it would be rather interesting to see how it looks and have a play with it! We are lucky that we work on the internet and are allowed to access all of the social channels during a normal work day, but for some business, this new social channel this would prove to be very helpful indeed. My only concern at this stage would be security measures – but I am sure we will find out more in due course!

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