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Launched officially at the end of last month in the UK and the rest of the world, Facebook have rolled out their brand new CTA (call to action) feature that is set to help business pages convert further.

Designed with the objective of making conversions easier for users, either on desktop or on a mobile device, Facebook’s new call to action button has the potential to be linked to a variety of different actions, tying in perfectly with a businesses goals in the long run, which can also be edited as and when required.

Business page admins can select from a list of call to actions, including:

Facebook CTA list

  • Book Now – perfect for restaurants that have an online booking facility available
  • Contact Us – we predict this to be the most popular CTA used
  • Use App – ideal for business that have apps, typically B2C businesses such as a shop for example
  • Play Game – the perfect CTA for game developers
  • Shop Now – a direct link to the shopping page of a website
  • Sign Up – helping to gain more newsletter or email marketing sign ups
  • Watch Video – great for visual markets, or businesses that have an important brand message or mission statement

As well as the new CTA function, Facebook have also included analytic stats to help page admins understand how beneficial the new functionality has proven, showing how many people have clicked the link in the past 7 days.


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