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Thanks to Google, we have access to not only all of the search engine results we could ever possibly want, but also, a vast array of photos and images – especially now that Google Street View and Google Maps are so prominent.

And as it is a Friday, we thought we would create a ‘Friday Funny’ Pinterest board on the craziest, funniest and most random images that have been captured by Google.

From two modern day suburban men having a samurai fight in the street to a cow crossing the road and naked man crawling out of a car boot, it is all there to see.

So, take a look and decide for yourself; are these images staged or not over on our Pinterest board!

Let us know if you have come across any funny / strange / just plain weird images, and we will add them to our board 🙂


Image credits: thanks to Google for the use of the images in the Pinterest board

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