With the majority of the UK staying at home, self-isolating and working from home, foot traffic in retail shops has massively declined, leaving businesses to turn to the internet and online shopping. With internet traffic up to as high as 70% in some sectors, there are now loads of extra opportunities for businesses just like yours.

With the large increase in online activity, it is more important now than it has ever been to make sure that you fully consider your online presence and organic SEO services should be a top priority.

Choosing a supplier for your SEO requirements can be just as hard as it is to get your head around what SEO is and why you need it! However, we aim to make it quite simple and clear; our services are ethical and organic, forming the basis of a sound and structured online marketing strategy that will help you to achieve your short and long term online goals.

Below is a range of ways that SEO can be used in your online marketing plan:

– Provide knowledgeable information

As the old saying goes, content is king! Having a high percentage of content on your site is not only a great way to ensure you have more pages found and indexed and therefore available within search results, but it is also incredibly useful for customers. Thinking of users online behaviours, people will often search and research before settling on a purchase, so providing a wealth of information would be a great way to stand out from the crowd. That could be a well-optimised product page, a blog post or an information page for example.

– Attract new customers, please existing customers

Consider your customer journey to see how users enter, interact and then leave your site. Where do they go, what pages are popular and how long are users staying on your site for? All of this valuable information can help to define your online strategy and aid the work plan – if you have some particular content that performs well, try and create more similar. If there is a product that gets a lot of hits, try to establish why and copy that template across to other products.

Consider how fast your website is on mobile and desktop too, ensuring that you keep up to date with recent speed developments. It is key to put yourself in your customers’ shoes often when viewing your website to really understand how it looks and feels to them.

– Build recognition

When looking at search engine behaviour, the majority of clicks and conversions come from the first two pages of Google (other search engines are available!), therefore it is important that all web pages are optimised properly and organically to ensure they stand the best chances of ranking for certain keywords. Consider using review sites to gain further recognition and status, as well as ensuring the correct levels of schema markup are used across your different pages.

Organic SEO is somewhat a skilled art, and it isn’t always as simple as it can seem – however with more and more people shopping and spending time online, and a long winter ahead with the possibility of more social distancing measures (though, please not another lockdown!), can you really afford to neglect SEO?

For a no-obligation chat to see what SEO services we could offer you and a detailed example work plan, get in touch with us today at hello@seriouslyhelpful.co.uk

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