Like me, you may have noticed during the Covid-19 pandemic a sudden and not so subtle increase in the number of programmes on TV or stories in the media that have what can best be described as a gory theme.

Whether it’s stories about catching a murderer or not catching him (or her) until it’s too late, about drug lords or financial fraudsters, pandemics, natural and man-made disasters it seems we really are seeing it all, along with a regular dose of end-of-the-world blockbusters.

Some people feel like the pandemic is a small taste of the end-of-the-world and it’s certainly going to live in our memories for many a year to come, either due to the health impact on family and friends or possibly more likely, due to financial fall-out of various kinds.

Isn’t it surprising then that instead of reinforcing a real-life down-beat mood with less than positive stories, we are rarely seeing uplifting content aired instead?

We could be sitting down to a regular airing of Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Forest Gump, Bugsy Malone or even good old Bridget Jones – but no, hardly a positive uplifting story to be seen. PS. My own personal favourite is Newcastle based tall tale, The One & Only! (And as I am discovering, hardly anyone else has seen it – have you?)

As business people it’s vitally important to have a long-view and be able to see beyond current difficulties to calmer and more prosperous times ahead – we owe that to our customers and staff. We even have a financial term for it, in the UK Directors of even insolvent and obviously loss-making businesses are allowed to carry on trading as long as they can see a route to “Trade-Through” the current difficulties.

This is the kind of thinking we need to encourage right now and we certainly try and do our bit as an agency by advising clients when we spot new and untapped market opportunities around the edges of their current area of trade. It’s what we believe being Seriously Helpful means and is part of our DNA and approach to business, but it would be nice if the TV schedulers took a dose of the same medicine from time and lightened up on the end of the world scenarios! Thoughts?