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Save it for later with Facebook’s new update

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How many times have you logged on to Facebook, seen an interesting article but actually not had time or was in the right situation to read it? And how many times have you then spent trawling back through your news feed a week later, wracking your brain furiously, trying to remember where it was on Facebook you saw that really interesting article?

Well, not anymore!

A new feature is set to make it even easier for Facebook users to save interesting content in a place they can visit at a later date.

Rolling out to all mobile and web users within the next few days is Facebook’s own bookmarking service, ‘Save’
Enabling users to do pretty much what it says on the tin, Save allows you to securely and privately save something you find interesting and look at in more detail at a later date.

On a mobile device, the Save feature can be found on the ‘More’ tab, found in the bottom right corner and on the web on the left hand navigation bar:

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FB Saved
Once you have selected these areas, Facebook will run you through a quick tutorial, explaining how to use the feature and that’s it! You will be able save and select this area to see all of your saved pieces of content! Simple as that! But, if you are thinking that you might save something for safe keeping but actually forget to read it at a time you are free, Facebook have a nifty solution. Periodic alerts will appear in your newsfeed, notifying you that you still have things saved.

The Save feature, or bookmarking, is something that Facebook has been missing for a long time. Facebook have now taken the next step and have added the feature in a bid to keep users on Facebook for as long as possible and not using alternative social bookmarking tools such as Instapaper and Pinterest.

What are your thoughts on the new update? Have you saved anything yet?

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