New Google Plus Half 2Is it just a case of Google jumping on the social bandwagon?

Google+ is a relatively new social platform over here in the UK when you compare it to the big ones, like Twitter and Facebook, but that does not mean it is not as powerful! Google+ is gaining momentum on these shores at a staggering speed, so it is key that you and your business do not get left behind.

As to be expected with Google’s own social platform, it is viewed with favourable eyes by its big brother, and having a social presence on the site for your business is an important ranking factor, alongside a structured SEO strategy.

Bringing together all of the Google services in one place, Google+ includes maps, YouTube and hangouts amongst others.

Google+ is just as important for B2B businesses as it is for B2C businesses and should not be overlooked. Google+ is forming a large percentage of our social strategies here at Seriously Helpful and we would love to help you understand why.

Is your business B2B?

Google+ is definitely a platform to watch if you are a B2B business – with a direct link to the SERPs, surely that is enough reason alone to have an active and well looked after profile? Not only this, Google+ allows you to connect with your staff, so would work well if you run a business with offices set in different locations.

  • 59% of B2B businesses have profiles on Google+ and the number is growing
  • Google+ results appear in the SERPS – surely that is a huge reason to have a social presence on this network?!
  • Google+ allows you to listen to your customers, other brands and thought leaders to gain market intel, awareness and information. You can also join in with communities, or create your own for like minded people/business to converse in.

Is your business B2C?

As a B2C business, it is easy to see social working – however, sometimes it takes some thinking outside of the box to create new ideas. Some social media platforms seem more of a perfect fit than others, but your business could be featured on the majority, if not all social networks, with a little tweaking of the strategy and plans first!

  • Google+ is the perfect way to fire your brand or business into the SERPs, via your content
  • There are over 300million global monthly active users and this number is always growing with the popularity increasing.
  • Google+’s demographic is quite split – it isn’t just a platform for the young ones!

P.S – Did you know that Google+ drives the most engaged traffic? Although the number of social referrals from Google+ may be lower than what Facebook or Twitter may drive for example, the traffic that comes though Google+ tends to be far more engaged, with a lower bounce rate and a higher number of pages views.

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