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The social platform for professionals or wannabes?

LinkedIn came on the social scene back in 2003 as a way for professionals to connect and network with like-minded people and has since grown from strength to strength over recent years.

However, LinkedIn isn’t just for individuals – it comes with a company’s section, ready for businesses to target the market that use LinkedIn.

Although LinkedIn is probably not likely to drive sales, especially for a B2C business it will show Google that you are embracing social media as well as growing your brand, in general.

As a B2B business, LinkedIn should be right up your street, proving to be a very popular and positive platform for businesses within this sector. Not only is LinkedIn the perfect place to create a company page on but it is also a great platform to recruit new employees, too.

At Seriously Helpful, we enjoy working on all different social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and adapting our strategies to work best within them.

Is your business B2B?

If you sit in the B2B market, LinkedIn is a most definitely the social platform for you and used in conjunction with a few other carefully selected platforms, will work well for your social strategy.

  • There are over 1million groups on LinkedIn – you can find a group based on your interests / market sector and join in – the perfect way to grow your brand and personal profile.
  • LinkedIn is perfect to networking further afield with the top five countries by user numbers as: USA (93 million users), India (24 million users), Brazil (16 million users), UK (14 million users) and Canada (9 million users)
  • LinkedIn personal endorsements have now reached over 1 billion!

Is your business B2C?

LinkedIn is an important platform to have a presence on, as you can build up your personal and professional profile with sharing blogs from your website for example as well as sharing your own thoughts on business news under your personal profile.

  • LinkedIn has now amassed more than 300m users worldwide
  • 41% of LinkedIn visits are now completed via mobile
  • On average, visits to LinkedIn last around 17 minutes

P.S – It is also worth knowing that you can run ad campaigns on LinkedIn to grow your brand / page, drive traffic to your site or recruit potential new employees. Also, LinkedIn allows you to effortlessly switch between working on your personal profile and the companies page, so that you can also grow yourself as well as just the company.

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