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It’s not just a bunch of pretty pictures!

By now, we are sure that you will have heard of the phenomenon that is Pinterest – however, have you thought about how it could be applied to your online marketing strategy? Even if you are a B2B business, there is space for you on Pinterest and we are here to help!

And if you are B2C, did you know that you can sell your products via Pinterest? Why not tap into this area and sell direct to your audience on this rapidly growing platform and maybe, gain some new customers!

At Seriously Helpful, we look at your market alongside your products or services and think of original content ideas for Pinterest – we like to think outside the box, so be prepared for our suggestions!

Is your business B2B?

Although it is natural for you to think that as a B2B business, you would not want to be on Pinterest – stop! We believe that via this visual platform, we can help to showcase your personality and also your industry and market knowledge in a visual and original way.

  • 41% of B2B businesses are live on Pinterest – join them!
  • Pinterest is the perfect place to share infographics about your market or industry and there is always someone out there somewhere that will be looking for what you have shared.
  • Not only is Pinterest the perfect place to share your products, it is also a great forum with which to share the things that inspire the business, what you are aiming to achieve and also the culture and passion that is behind the brand. Don’t be a faceless online entity.

Is your business B2C?

If you are in a B2C industry or market, Pinterest can work for you and even drive sales. With our skills, creative thoughts and experience at Seriously Helpful, we will work with you to help create a perfect pinning environment.

  • 51% of businesses on Pinterest are in the B2C market
  • Globally, there are over 70m Pinterest users – some of these could be looking for what YOU offer!

Share your events or clearance lines via a board and also create boards around current events or holidays – it is what the visual market is all about.

P.S – Did you know that Pinterest drives more referral than that of LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined? Now, there is some food for thought!

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