New Twitter Button HalfTweeting isn’t just for birds!

Perhaps one of the best known social platforms, Twitter has been around since 2006 and has a very solid and loyal user base. Loved for its real time updates and connectivity to the world and what is happening, Twitter shows no signs of slowing down. More often than not, news breaks on Twitter before it hits any other social platform or news outlet.

Twitter is integrating itself into the world in a variety of different methods, from hashtags appearing at the start of a programme, #xfactor or #bbcworldcup for example, right through to appearing in adverts for cars and other products as well as proving to be a perfect forum for live debates and Q&A sessions with politicians for example.

Twitter is a favourite for public figures such as David Cameron and Barack Obama as well as news houses such as BBC News, Sky News and CNN.

With the ability to share videos, images and links, as well as the use of hashtags and searching for what YOU want to see, Twitter is the perfect platform for BOTH B2C and B2B markets and businesses, with its fast moving data stream. With a passionate Twitter user amongst our ranks, we would love to be able to tell you more about how you can use Twitter to benefit you!

Is your business B2B?

As a business that sits in a B2B place, Twitter is ideal for connecting with other business and promoting your services to them. Finding potential businesses is possible with the search function, and you can search for what people are actually talking about, so is also an important tool to use to check out what people are saying about your services.

  • 86% of B2B businesses have live Twitter accounts – which is a huge amount!
  • Although Twitter is a huge global social platform, if you are particularly interested in the Chinese market, you are in luck as China has the most Twitter users, with 35.5million
  • Twitter is home to experts, thought leaders, inspirational people and so forth, so whilst you may not be selling direct to these, you can connect with them and share your content.

Is your business B2C?

If you are in a B2C industry or market, Twitter is about being there for your audience, in real time. Tweeting links to sales as they happen, new stock that you have just taken delivery of or a great new competition that you have running, it is all possible on Twitter.

  • Flash sales are perfect on this platform, as are competitions to engage with the audience – these things gain massive momentum.
  • The average Twitter user racks up an average monthly spend time of 170 minutes on the site or, if you prefer, 2hrs 50 minutes.
  • Make sure that you share images – tweets that have been shared that include an image have an engagement rate that is five times better than tweets that do not include anything to break up the text and provide visual stimulation.

P.S – Did you know that Twitters monthly users via mobile devices has now reached 211 million and this is growing. That means there is an audience out there attached to their smartphones who could be looking for you.

Let us help you find them!

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