Sugar vs Sweetener, or how might real world jobs differ from The Apprentice?

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It’s been a few days since our last Apprentice review and it got us thinking – is real world selection of the fittest different or is Lord Sugar a good litmus test for bosses in general?

Well what attributes does Sugar seem to like?

Looks? For every good looking winner LS has recruited ordinary looking folk – he doesn’t seem swayed by appearance, but many real world bosses are of course.

Gender? Ditto he seems to have awarded a pretty even mix from across the genders and probably a few Inbetweeners that haven’t come out yet!

North-South divide? Again LS seems to select his winners nationwide so he’s probably less biased than most real world bosses?.

Smarty Pants? With the possible exception of last years winner who was defo a geek type we know LS seems to have a problem with smart types like lawyers…real world bosses  by contrast would probably welcome these skills.

Gift of the Gab? Plainly The Apprentice is at heart a sales based “process” (we hate that word!). Whilst sales skills are of course really vital in any business, most business leaders would probably conclude they’re not the most important ingredient – whereas as a sales supremo not surprisingly LS laps up these people and turns a blind eye to foibles.

So in the boardroom it seems if you can sell you might win, even if you’re lippy, argumentative, not a team player, poor organisational awareness skills etc

Whereas in the real world we think bosses are looking more for team players, empathy, joined up thinking, good paperwork.

Not big differences of course but enough to change the winner – it’ll be interesting to see how accurately we’ve predicted the final three at this early stage!

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