Terms & Conditions

We don’t like small print, so we don’t have much ourselves.

Essentially it boils down to the following:


We operate an efficient de-centralised home-based operation in the UK so can keep our administration costs as close to zero as possible and on a par with many offshore suppliers. With a target profit margin of just 5% per annum (and a new customer discount of 3% for 12 month plus contracts) we don’t believe you can buy better quality equivalent services for less in the UK.

To keep costs low we request:

  • A one-off campaign set up administration fee of 30% of the campaign budget + VAT
  • Monthly invoices are sent out at month end and are due 15 days thereafter please. NB. Paid Search Campaigns plus our management fee (20%, minimum £300 per month) are due in advance.
  • Unpaid invoices will be forwarded to debt collectors who will also seek to collect their own fees and interest in accordance with UK legislation.
  • An additional surcharge of 20% (agreed in advance) if you require detailed record taking of every task undertaken on your behalf. By skipping this admin task we have found we can achieve more for less.

Once a budget and contract period is agreed with a client, based around either goals, keywords, or what we believe peer companies are spending, we simply split said budget into either an hourly commitment for each area or disbursements.

Small Print

If you doubt our credentials, please talk to clients past and present. Search isn’t a guaranteed panacea for success as the game changes daily.

  • So don’t bank on results in absolute terms, positions or ROI.
  • Your site can go down the rankings. It can even get penalised – although we’ve never had this happen in over a decade, but there could be a first time!
  • Our aim is always to aim to deliver a sales-driven ROI in 12 months, but it’s not guaranteed.

Our long term goal is to deliver 2% cumulative growth in online prominence per month, and we’ve been hitting this for ages – it can double a business in 3 years.

  • Unless otherwise agreed the minimum contract term is 3 months.
  • Beyond this period contracts can be cancelled at 60 days written notice, this gives us time to redeploy staff and media commitments made on your behalf.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, if a campaign started on 1st Jan it would end on 31st March only if notice to quit was given on 31st Jan. If notice was given at the end of the 3 months it would end 60 days later on 31st May.

Due to the fast-changing nature of the online landscape we:

  • Won’t accept contingent liability of any kind or refund fees as irrespective of how Google and other engines behave, we have still incurred costs running a campaign.
  • But neither will we wrap things up in dodgy small-print and false guarantees, we say it as it is. After such an internal assessment we conclude, we have fallen short, we will benchmark and discuss performance with other SEO firms and work to fix things for you if we possibly can.