The Directors View: The Apprentice – episode two

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So we kick off episode two where we left off – the nineteen are ready to be whittled down further today. Mrs Haining was heard to comment “no wardrobe space in a house that sleeps 20, I’d be quitting myself voluntarily.”  I must admit, she does have a point….

Wearable technology was a difficult theme to work with under tight timescales and this challenge certainly showed up a lot of candidates weak points!

So, who did we rate?

Aussie Mark seems like an honest straight shooter, Katie stepped forward under pressure to take control of a team floundering under Nurum, plainly well out of her depth so maybe not one to watch after all.

Soloman was spotted as quiet but thoughtful, we liked some of his ideas but sadly he lacked the all important blagging (not blogging) skills so essential in a start up

Jemma also calmed troubled waters and came up with the new girls team name Tenacity – let’s hope she takes that as a hint!


But who didn’t we rate?

The girls won on a fluke purchase from an online retailer – saving an out of control product manager who seemed unable to make a decision

Bianca didn’t contribute much other than blame others, a trend again by Lindsey. And it is worthwhile to note that Ella, despite working in fashion, contributed nothing.

Stars from yesterday (Sarah, Felipe and Steven) sensibly all kept a lower profile today and survived to try another week

Robert misjudged the bosses clear brief to take ownership so was deservingly fired for ducking responsibility and then trying to lead from behind….plus of course not wearing socks. He didn’t even make it too the sad looking cafe – just sent on his way!

And the boys team leader Scott also suffered; he led badly, seemed aggressive under pressure and too keen to pass the buck.

I thought Daniel suffered an unfairly bad press, sure the pitch wasn’t great but he back tracked well and at least had empathy with the client.


So who would we fire?

Probably Lord Sugars trusted advisor Nick….on the one hand he pronounced the losing product as “a miracle that something so good had been created.”
But in the boardroom under the wilting glare of Sugars opinions, this magically had turned into “all you created was a grey sweatshirt.”

There’s no room for yes-men in a start up business so Nick, you’re fired! (Nothing like a bold statement to start a new series with!)


Early predictions for the win?

At this stage, I’m going for loud mouthed James, possibly Katie as runner up…

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