The iPhone 6 and 6Plus compared to the iPhone 5S

The Latest Offerings from Apple

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As a self-confessed Apple fan, I spent all of yesterday eagerly awaiting just what would be unveiled at the Flint Center, California, USA.

And of course, I was not disappointed.

From U2 storming the stage and announcing that for everyone who pre-orders the new phone, they would be given an advance copy of their new album, via iTunes naturally, to the spontaneous outbursts of applause throughout the product launches and demonstrations, it certainly was an event that had the feel good factor.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO must have had butterflies in his stomach prior to launch as these Apple devices, I think it is fair to say, are more his brainchild than the prototypes and ideas that Steve Jobs’ left behind.  However, Cook had an air of confidence about him, talking and demonstrating the new must haves effortlessly and professionally. And as the audience heated up, so did he and his confidence and excitement increased – you could feel it and couldn’t help but join in when watching the live stream and join what I can only describe as the happy, Apple wave.

Cook kicked things off by telling the eager audience that he was delighted to be able to bring them “the biggest advancement in iPhone.” As expected before the event, due to whisperings and leaked images, the iPhone 6 was announced alongside an iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhones are being upgraded size wise, to enter the lucrative, phablet market – currently the iPhone 5S has a 4” display. The iPhone 6 will have a 4.7” display and the iPhone 6 Plus will come in with a huge, for Apple standards, 5.5” display. Both handsets are much thinner than previous models, the 6 measuring only 6.9mm deep and the 6 Plus measuring slightly bigger at 7.1mm deep, and the new, fresh design sees the phones having a more curved edge to them and the lock button moving to the side of the phone. The camera has been improved, a new retina HD screen included and made with ion strengthened cover glass. It was also stated heavily that the new iPhones will be the most powerful yet, which to be honest is to be expected with all new releases, with the new processor being up to 50x faster than that of the original iPhone.

Also announced was the Apple Watch – a completely new concept for Apple and a foray into a new market – wearables. Hailed by Cook as, “the most personal device we’ve ever created,” the watch when unveiled was met with whooping and cheering – the crowd were excited, and during the demonstration, it was clear to see why! Available in three editions; the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch standard and the very luxurious Watch Edition, the watch is designed to make it easier to stay connected when on the go; syncing effortlessly to your other Apple devices, whilst allowing you to send notifications, receive alerts, monitor your fitness and look amazing while doing so! At the moment, there is no release date for the Apple Watch in the UK.

iOS 8 was also given a release date, 17th September, which will be available on all Apple devices from the iPhone 4S through to the iPhone 5S including all iPads and iPods inbetween.

With the phones due to hit our shores on the 19th September, it is clear that once again, these new phones will be the most wanted device out there.

And that is the thing about Apple – their products are must haves, they are desirable and there will always be a long queue of people in line to get their hands on their latest offerings. Me, I’m sure to be in that queue!

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