The magic of a John Lewis Christmas

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Christmas tree
So the latest John Lewis Christmas advert was launched today, and the internet nearly blew up*.

Heart-warming with a slight tinge of sadness, the video perfectly encompasses the increasingly popular brand that is John Lewis.  Now part of the unofficial countdown to Christmas, the adverts that are released annually spread over social media like wild fire and people round the country talk about it, like it was an episode of EastEnders.  And John Lewis are laughing all the way to the bank.

This year, John Lewis have decided to make the advert huge. And by huge, I mean £7 MILLION POUNDS HUGE as well as fact that in every one of the stores up and down the country, they have set up a Monty area, so shoppers and their children can have pictures taken with Monty the penguin.  And then of course, there is the merchandise. Monty pillows, Monty bedding and Monty canvases can be purchased, as well as plush toys and pj sets, although the cheaper items are out of stock already – a clever ploy from John Lewis to push people towards buying higher priced items, or a genuine rush from consumers to stock up on products featuring this year’s cutest penguins? You decide!

Either way, John Lewis are bound to be the overall winners. In 2012, following the advert featuring a snowman making the trek to get his snow woman lover a hat and gloves, online sales for the group shot up by a whopping 44.3% – so clearly, they have found a winning formula and are not prepared to shy too far away from it.

But, there is another reason for the huge investment and big campaign from John Lewis – Waitrose, who of course are part of the John Lewis Group, are planning on having the most talked about Christmas advert this year – they are featuring community choirs, the First World War centenary and an emotional version of the Dolly Parton hit, ‘Try’ in their festive offering, which has yet to be aired.
One thing is for sure, the John Lewis Group have got it spot on, once again.
Oh, and Christmas is well and truly on its way…

P.S – If you are one of the few people who haven’t seen the advert yet, it is due to hit the small screen in the advert breaks during Gogglebox, this Friday from 9pm – tune in and discuss!
PP.S – Apologies for the use of the ‘C’ word in this blog – I know it is only November…

*the internet blowing up part might have been a slight over exaggeration, but it wasn’t far wrong. My browser was running so slow after the launch of the video…..


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