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Top 10 Google Tricks Tip List

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Whether you have time to kill or non-to lose, we have gathered the top 10 Google Search tricks for you to become a real search wizard.

10. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase

Probably the most well-known trick on this list. Simply try searching a phrase in quotation marks will result in the search results only displaying pages/posts with the same words in the same order as what’s in the quotes. It’s actually very handy – try it!


9. Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words

Now for a less known trick: Search for a phrase in quotation marks and then replace words you are uncertain about with an asterisk such as: “imagine all the * living for today”. It will do the opposite of the last trick and find all variations based around the phrase – helpful if you are trying to find a song but can’t really remember the lyrics.

8. Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words

When you type in a word or phrase with predictably mixed results like Jaguar, turtle’s neck, Satin etc… Then you can use a negative symbol to remove the terms you don’t want to see in your search results – such as ‘jaguar -car’ or ‘turtle’s neck -clothing’ etc…

Getting rid of those pesky irrelevant results.

7. Search websites for keywords

The ‘site’ function allows you to search a specific site’s results based on a keyword/phrase. Simply type the keyword you wish to search, ‘James May’ and then ‘Site:’ to indicate that the next words are going to be where you want to search such as ‘’

Altogether you have ‘James May’ Leading you to results based on JM on top gear’s website!


6. Search news archives going back to the mid-1880’s

Old news huh? If that’s what you’re after, Google News has an option to search over 100 years’ worth of archived news from newspapers around the world!

5. Compare foods using “VS”

On a diet?

Help pick the best meal for your night in an instant by typing the two foods for comparison!

Simply: ‘pizza vs. pasta’ will show you the nutritional information for both side by side!

A google comparison of foods.


4. Use “DEFINE:” to learn the meaning of words – slang included

Don’t know what ‘SWAG’ is? Well, you’re in luck, ‘DEFINE:’ does exactly what it says on the tin.

It can be used for both slang and standard words so enjoy expanding your vocabulary on the fly!

the definition of swag via googles features

Words like these make me feel old – Youths these days…

3. Search Images using images

Found an image and want to know where it came from or see similar? Simply save it to your phone and search on google images by uploading the image using the camera button.

Google images search for dogs - screenshot


2. Press the mic icon on Google’s search bar, and say “flip a coin” or “Heads or Tails”

No coin? no problem. Now you can settle your 50/50 debates by asking the google microphone to ‘flip a coin’

The result is self-explanatory.

Google Flipping A Coin

Its a 50 50 chance my phone will die before I finish this article.

1.Play Atari Breakout On Google Images

Bored at work? Catch a quick brain break by breaking blocks! Search ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Images and have some fun!

Googles Atari Breakout Screenshot

So many colours, so many blocks. THIS IS SO ADDICTIVE.



Got any more cool tricks?

Let us know in the comments below!

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