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As an avid Twitter user (normally when the football is on), Twitter is the social platform closest to my heart!

Launched in 2006 as a quick fire way of sending messages (thanks to the limit of characters used in posts, very like older style text messaging), Twitter has seen unbelievable stats over recent years – most notably big world events, such as the World Cup 2014, Olympics and the General Election for example – if social has shown us anything, it’s that people like to take part in big events and get their feelings and thoughts out there!

But after some recent news, it seems that Twitter isn’t actually doing that well as a company – stocks have fallen after the loss of boss Dick Costolo and the gulf between Facebook and Twitter is growing massively.

However, in what looks like an attempt to counteract this, Twitter have made a significant change to the workings of the platform and trialled a new concept…

Direct Messages Overhaul
Since the release of Direct Messages (DM) in Twitter, both personal users and businesses have found it hard to use effectively with the 140 character limit. However, in an update announced in June, it was disclosed that the character limit would be removed from the Direct Messages function (something long overdue, IMO)!
Twitter announces DM character changes
This has now become a reality with the update live around the world. This, of course, means that individual businesses and users alike can send and respond to Direct Messages without the fear of running out of space, or sending a number of messages. It’s all a plan to keep users on Twitter for longer to resolve issues and problems, rather than using the Direct Message function to ask for an email address to carry on conversation further elsewhere.

It’s worth noting that Facebook does not have a character limit on its messaging functionality, so maybe Twitter have decided to follow their lead – time will tell how popular this update turns out to be.

Direct buy via Pop-Up Shop
In collaboration with global superstar Katy Perry, (who also happens to be the most followed person on Twitter in the world), the singer’s latest fragrance was exclusively launched and sold via the social platform using the dedicated handle @katyperrypopup – all USA fans had to do was click on the “buy” button to then reach the checkout, allowing them to enter their credit card details and get the perfume shipped directly to them – all before it’s official release elsewhere online or in the shops.
Katy Perry Pop Up Twitter Shop
Purchases were only available in America, and it’s too early to see the actual stats related to sales, but with a huge target audience thanks for Perry’s following and so far 661 million impressions recorded, it could be a massive development for Twitter.

Images – Twitter blog / Katy Perry Pop Up Shop, Twitter

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