Wear Red Day

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Last Friday, we were Seriously Helpful and helped to raise vital money for the British Heart Foundation as part of the national ‘Wear It. Beat It’ fundraising campaign.
Being a smaller office, it was always going to be hard to do something truly big, like a bake sale or sitting in a bath of beans for a whole day, so we had to do what we do best and we thought outside of the box!

It was Stu who had the breakthrough idea that we should all come in wearing as many red items as possible, with the company donating £1 for every item worn.

As a bunch of competitive people, you can imagine that this got the creative juices flowing. We even considered taking bets on who was going to win – until Stu emailed me over the weekend a couple of weeks before the event telling me he was point blank convinced he was going to win!

And as it turned out, he did!

And so with no further ado, the Seriously Helpful Wear It. Beat It Red Day final standings are as follows:

In 5th place, Michael – unfortunately, Michael was off sick on Friday, so we have had to put him in last place. Sorry M!

In 4th place was Rebecca with a total of 14 red items – with a plethora of borrowed clothes from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Rebecca’s red ensemble consisted of a red dress, belt and bowler hat.

3rd place was Jack with a total of 16 items – although he had booked the day as annual leave way in advance, Jack still did his bit! He went to the shop and brought many red items for us on the big day including Pom Bear crisps, strawberry jelly pots and Lindor chocolate eggs – yum!

2nd place was myself with a total of 16 items (I have put myself as 2nd instead of tied with Jack, as I am the one writing the blog!!) – my red look consisted of many red accessories, such as bracelets and lipstick as well as red socks and cardi.

Which means, 1st place went to Mr Stuart Haining – with a whopping total of 28 red items! – Stuart came in wearing his famous multi-pocket red coat packed full with red accessories, such as a wallet, coin purse, red headphones and red phone case. But it didn’t end there. With a red jumper, shirt and t-shirt, as well as belt, shoes and socks, Stu won the competition hands down!

However, the overall winner was the British Heart Foundation and we are pleased to have been able to help.

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