Ever heard of a new website called ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com? No? – well you have now!

Only 24 hours after the launch of the site, the founder and owner, 22 year old Matthew Carpenter from Sydney, has put the site up for sale after being inundated with orders from people wanting to get in on a little glitter action for their foes.

The whole idea of the product is simple – have enemies (or just a friend who REALLY loves glitter)? Why not send them a letter containing a HUGE amount of glitter? And not just any glitter – the fine glitter that has the tendency to go everywhere and keep reappearing after weeks and weeks. Ever opened a birthday card / Christmas card / Wedding invitation only to be showered with glitter or confetti type chunks of sparkly devil spawn? Now it is time to get your own back!

After claiming that he has made a handsome five figure sum already in that short space of time after a series of glitter requests, Carpenter is now happy for someone else to take over and reap the rewards, and maybe the occasional paper cut from completing the orders by hand.

And for some reason, this website and the concept really did grab the public’s attention – with over 1.3 million site visits and 270k combined social visits, ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com certainly has hit the mark big time!

But why was the site so popular and shared so often? (We even shared it in the office….)

We believe that it was all to do with the site content – after finding a link on her private Facebook account, Rebecca shared the link with me and before long, we were both in hysterics reading the text on the one page site out loud – honest, blunt, funny and straight to the point, the site is clear to understand and connects with the user immediately – it is like talking to a friend. With a simple site structure and simple product offering, the message was well and truly received as soon as you opened the link. And before that? Users were able to get a feel straight from the URL, you can send your enemies, or anyone you like, glitter.

Would the site has have the same social impact and effect if the site content was polite and boring? It is safe to say that no, it would not have received the same interest.

We believe that site content is more important than people think. As an example, put yourself in users shoes. Now, would you waste time scrolling and clicking round a site to find out what is being offered or would you rather be told in unique, creative and straight to the point text at the top of the homepage what to expect on that site? We believe it is always the latter!

So it seems that Matthew Carpenter has made thousands through his original creative site and his unique, quirky and fun content – are you ready to do the same?*


Stop in for a cuppa and chat today or call us on 01604 647769


*May be a slight over exaggeration, we are not promising that you will make thousands, but we are promising that better onsite content will reap better results!

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