Let’s face it, working in B2B Marketing is a WHOLE different challenge. You’ve probably got smaller budgets than your B2C colleagues, you’ve still got to appeal to your prospective customers personally but you’ve got the added challenge of identifying them as a business buyer too!

It’s not easy via traditional marketing, online marketing is more effective, although more complex.

That’s where the team can be Seriously Helpful.

Our management have real world experience as B2B marketers, so it’s perhaps not surprising that traditionally circa 50% of our clients have been in the B2B sectors – this is unusual in the SEO and Social Media Management world though, most companies focus on the B2C sectors, perhaps because the budgets are bigger.

We’ve managed B2B SEO in areas as diverse as adhesives, conference management, payment processing, business insurance, laboratory services, industrial equipment, software and many more.

So we just might be able to help you un-tap the best of your potential online, with a lot less hassle and drama than you might expect.

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