Where do you start finding your ideal customer when you have 7bn globally to choose from, most of whom are now online?

With around a third of consumers now undertaking pre-purchase-research online BEFORE they commit to buy (irrespective of whether they close the deal online, face to face, by phone, or post etc.) it’s an even more complex mix to juggle with.

The team can be Seriously Helpful at solving these challenges.

Our management have real world experience as B2C marketers and traditionally circa 50% of our clients have been in the B2C sectors – and we’ve worked across a diverse range of products. From Furniture & Cosmetics through to Award winning Jewellery, Food, Telecoms and Electricals, we’ve managed projects in most sectors at some point.

So we just might be able to help you un-tap the best of your potential online, with a lot less hassle and drama than you might expect.

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