SEO for SME’s

Let’s face facts, it is tough running an SME business whether you’re a one or two man band through to having a hundred or so staff and a multi-million turnover. Aside from all the usual business challenges of excessive admin and paperwork, paying the right amount of taxes and HR issues, you have all the issues of competing in Marketing & Advertising with the big brands.

Competing online is a great way to fight back as in our experience the big guys are surprisingly clueless when it comes to online marketing and in most markets they’ve lost the head start that they might have enjoyed at the start of the Internet.

These days it’s all about being lean and fast, and these traits work especially well for SME’s if you want to compete online, and that’s where Online Marketing comes into its own.

Our management have real world experience both as marketers in large big-budget multinational brands but also as owner-managers in our own SME businesses, which we’ve successfully grown online, before being sold to a PLC. Seriously Helpful Marketing is our latest venture bringing all this learning together and making it accessible and affordable exclusively for SME clients.

And in case you’re thinking this is just a pitch, it’s not. We actively turn down large companies as clients, our internal algorithms and sales incentives actively discourage us from taking on clients who can afford more than £10k a month……our average client spends just £2-£3k, well below the norm for our industry.

So if you are the owner of a SME business and would like to access hands-on valuable support for your SEO/ Online Marketing and Social Media strategies, you’ve found just the right place – and we really do try to be Seriously Helpful!

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