Once you have made the decision to grow your business digitally, the next step is to decide whether to use a digital marketing agency to take on the management of the digital marketing process or tackle the project yourself.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a resource that offers a wide range of digital marketing services all in one place. A digital marketing agency’s main goals are to promote a business, promote their brand, increase their online visibility, build customer loyalty and increase sales / other goals using digital marketing techniques.

What do digital marketing agencies do?

The core services that are provided by digital marketing agencies include SEO (search engine optimisation), content marketing (optimised web copy, meta content, blog content, infographics, guest posting), social media marketing/management, migration strategies and more. Due to the constant developments in the digital marketing industry, agencies must constantly adapt and learn to keep up with the latest advancements.

What to expect?

Expert knowledge – The digital marketing agency you select should quickly be able to show you their knowledge and skills by giving their experienced advice. Their knowledge can also be identified through discussions about any previous digital marketing activities you have already undertaken.

Reporting – You should receive a structured report monthly to clearly show the metrics of success and how your business is performing in different areas.

Discussions – Having a digital marketing agency who says ‘yes’ to everything without a discussion will create an unhealthy relationship. A good digital marketing agency will push back with ideas, feel comfortable using their own initiative in certain situations and have an expert opinion on what is requested.

Point of contact – If possible, you will be given a direct point of contact who will be the person managing your digital marketing activities. This will be your go-to person for questions as they will be mostly responsible for the overall growth and maintenance of the digital marketing activities being undertaken on your business.

Effective communication – The digital marketing agency you select should communicate with you in a way that suits you best. This includes how often you want to communicate and what type of method you prefer. This could be through emails, calls, video calls, face to face meetings (when possible) and any other preferred methods.

Problem solving – The agency you select should be able to solve any issues that arise in your digital marketing activities efficiently and quickly.  You should also feel comfortable approaching them about any questions, ideas or any digital issues that have developed.

Results – Results are very important, and this will be reflected in the reports you are given monthly. You should be getting the results you discussed at the beginning of your business relationship in the time frame agreed.

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