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About Me

As Head of Social here at Seriously Helpful, I guess it is only right to describe myself as a social butterfly and someone that is chatty enough to rival Alan Carr. Constantly researching and reading, I often ping the rest of the team late night emails about the changes in Google and the latest social platforms – you have been warned! However I do have the odd tendency to lock myself away with my apple devices, a book (currently reading The Shining), or boxset (currently fully engrossed in Orange Is The New Black) when I am not working in the evening or cooking – I like cooking!

  • A creative thinker, I like to think right outside the box, sometimes to the point where it seems like the box is a million miles away, but of course, my ideas are always relevant!
  • My likes include supporting my team, Manchester United, watching the mighty Northants Steelbacks play, perfumes (I have over 50 of them on my dressing table), good food and time spent with family and friends.
  • My dislikes include LFC, slow drivers, people who hate reality shows and olives.

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Team Questions and Answers

Nickname: Raquel – Thanks for that Rebecca 😉 Or if I am at home, it is ‘Mummy’ – is that classed as a nickname?!

Bucket list places to visit: Las Vegas is the place that I desperately want to visit before the end of my days…

What are you scared of: Spiders / Liverpool winning the league – both equally scary things :-/

If you found a magic lamp, which three things would you wish for? 1. Peace, happiness, safety and health for my family and friends (that’s all allowed in one wish, right?!), 2. Karma on those that have wronged me or crossed me, 3. A healthy bank account. Oh, and for reruns of Saved By The Bell 😉

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life? Jennifer Aniston as I desperately want her hair, to the point that I have a LOT of screenshots of her hair on my iPhone to show my hairdresser every time I go…

What are the last three songs you listened too?  1) The Killers – Mr. Brightside , 2) Kanye West – All Of The Lights, 3) Rudimental – Feel The Love

What came first and why? The chicken or the egg? Chicken – how can you have a chicken egg with no chicken to lay it?!

Pick one – sweet or salted: Salted all the way. Maybe with a little melted butter too, mmmmmm.

If you were to watch one film on repeat forever, what would it be and why? Horrible Bosses – and I’m sure it would make me laugh every single time

Explain how the internet works: Just like the Facebook relationship status, it’s complicated…

If you were a piece of stationary from your desk what would you be and why?  My block of coloured note paper because I am a bright character and like to take notes. And I mean a lot of notes![/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]