Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO – is probably more important than you think it is.

Helping your site to perform better online and increasing your visibility to potential customers is just the tip of the iceberg. Find out more about SEO and why you need it.

Organic SEO


Having a new website built is brilliant – but have you considered your migration strategy?

Don’t let hard work and lots of money go to waste! When you are considering major website edits or the creation of a brand new site, a website migration is essential.


Social Media

Not just for the cool kids, Social Media is an ever-growing digital world that your business should be present in!

We know that the thought of social media might not seem important for many businesses – especially B2B sectors – we strive to find social media opportunities for all. You just need some creativity and out the box thinking!

Social Media
social media
content marketing

Content Marketing

High-quality, unique content creation is a core part of what we do – after all, Google once famously said ‘Content is King’

Content Marketing is more than just an article stuffed with keywords and shoved into a blog section, hidden in the footer. It is a core part of all of our online strategies and the content we write is current, unique and important for your business!

Content Marketing

Algorithm Updates & Analysis

Algorithm updates happen – regularly! They reflect user behaviour and the direction in which the digital world is heading….and we stay on top of them all.

Whilst some algorithm updates can be smaller and less impactful due to the works we already do, some are so huge and complex that they require us to create strategic plans alongside external developer agencies and partners to tackle effectively together.

Algorithm Analysis

Online Troubleshooting

Traffic not growing? Lack of conversions? Zero or low rankings? Houston, we have a problem!

Thankfully, the team at Seriously Helpful love to get stuck into a troubleshooting task! We identify the problem, analyse issues and create constructive solutions to help, working with external developers where necessary, or just getting hands dirty and fixing the problems ourselves if possible.

Online Troubleshooting

Online Competitor Analysis

Competitor outperforming you at every turn? Or maybe you just want to get a better understanding of what others in your sector are doing? Let’s dive in!

We aren’t going to lie, an online competitor analysis is time-consuming, but very rewarding – we often find a number of quick wins to capitalise on, as well as many longer-term strategies that can transform businesses when compared to competitors in the long run.

Competitor Analysis

Strategy Development

A particular favourite with our MD, strategy development allows us to assess goals and desires and create comprehensive plans for further future growth

Unfortunately, just like bread, websites, marketing plans and strategies do go stale. Sometimes all it takes is a pair of fresh eyes, some creative thinking and a new plan of action to get things back on track again – and we do love getting stuck into a tasty project!

Strategy Development

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