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What’s your favourite way to search online?

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We’ve all seen Google rise from its humble beginnings back in 1998 to the multi-million, multi-national corporation it is today, but in recent months have witnessed what could be the start of a slippery slope for the internet giant. From the news in November that Bing & Yahoo are taking increased market share to the update that Google Glass is …

Wear Red Day

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Last Friday, we were Seriously Helpful and helped to raise vital money for the British Heart Foundation as part of the national ‘Wear It. Beat It’ fundraising campaign. Being a smaller office, it was always going to be hard to do something truly big, like a bake sale or sitting in a bath of beans for a whole day, so …

A man wearing Google Glasses

Google Glass……they’ve broken the mould but not the idea

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The Internet has been alive with news that Google has abandoned its ambitious Google Glass project and the general consensus seems to be a degree of gloating that the online mega-giant has failed. Whilst we are not known for being big fans of Google (by that we mean its business practices, there is of course no denying it’s a damned …

Who doesnt love glitter

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Ever heard of a new website called ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com? No? – well you have now! Only 24 hours after the launch of the site, the founder and owner, 22 year old Matthew Carpenter from Sydney, has put the site up for sale after being inundated with orders from people wanting to get in on a little glitter action for their foes. …

The Directors View: The Apprentice – episode 12

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Well it’s the final week and a showdown between our original 5:1 favourite Mark from Australia and 10:1 dark horse Bianca, who has performed strongly of late. The task this week is actually to start off the very businesses Lord Sugar is going to back – aided by expert opinion plus a handful of other candidates returning to help out …

Time to get off Putins case?

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Whether or not you believe claims that President Vladimir Putin could be the world’s richest man, albeit through hidden wealth, it’s no secret that the people of Russian are going to be suffering considerable hardships following the decline in Ruble values. OK, so Putin won’t need to cry into his rye bread and sausage breakfast at every % decline, but …

London Thames

The Directors View: The Apprentice – episode 11

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Having seen the final five in more detail in a recent programme imaginatively called ‘the final five’ we can see that they all look potential winners and excellent at everything, so either Lord Sugar was right all along or do they make “final” videos for everyone just in case?…..we’d love to have seen the video for social worker Steven from …

End of Year Recap

End of year recap

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So as the year draws to a close, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at the internet highlights, and lows, of the past 12 months Google Searches: Looking back on the year in terms of searches brings back some strong memories. 10. Sochi Olympics The Olympic Winter Games held this time round in Russia were …

The Directors View: The Apprentice – episode 10

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The final 7 embark upon yet another cooking challenge. The candidates had to invent a luxury pudding product and then pitch to retailers – the best seller wins! Simple? Maybe. But a bit of a regurgitation on the challenge front. How about an idea from us Lord Sugar? Take on an Apprentice to invent exciting new challenges on a The …