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Is This The End Of Google Search In Australia?

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There’s a lot going on in the world as it is at the minute, however over in Australia, things might get a little more different. No, I am not talking about COVID and the continuation of the travel ban, I am talking about the possibility that Australia may have to live without Google Search. Intrigued? Confused? Read on! Going back …

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SEO Tips for 2021

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With 2021 on the horizon and a step into a new dawn, we are optimistic that next year will see the return of a more ‘normal’ (that means, back to pre COVID times) daily life! With more and more businesses focusing – or starting out – online due to the year we have had, we decided to share our thoughts …

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Black Friday URL Best Practice

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With Black Friday around the corner and the UK in another lockdown with ‘non-essential’ shops forced to close, e-commerce sites will be busier than ever. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two relatively new dates in the diary of shoppers in the UK. A tradition in America as it marks the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday spell …

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Halloween Trends 2020

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Let’s be honest, this year hasn’t been great! Viruses, diseases, lockdowns, shock horror…… ZOOM QUIZZES – it certainly has been intense. But if there is one thing we can always rely on, it is the desire to dress up at Halloween (and consume our body weight in chocolate and sweet treats!) And 2020 is most definitely no exception! According to …

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An Update To How Google Identifies Individual Passages of a Web Page

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An upcoming change announced by Google sheds some light on how the search engine identifies individual passages of text on a web page. On 20th October 2020, Danny Sullivan, Google’s public Search Liaison, shared more detail about a change that is coming soon, aiming to improve around 7% of search queries worldwide. This change will mean that soon Google will …

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Does TikTok Have a Rival in YouTube Shorts?

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If you hadn’t heard of TikTok before lockdown, chances are you are fully aware of it now. Thanks to many different dance challenges, Tiger King videos and general lockdown escapism, TikTok really has gripped the nation. TikTok Stats There are over 800 million TikTok users that are active, worldwide The app has been downloaded over 2 billion times on App …

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Search Rankings May Be Hindered by Blog Structure

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A study recently carried out by Perficient Digital has revealed that blog structure can hinder search rankings and have a negative impact on site performance. The issue is connected to link depth, which is how many clicks it takes users to get to blog / news content after landing on the homepage. The research found that a staggering two-thirds of …

Bird Box Viewing Bonanza

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It seems like Netflix has done it again! Without much marketing at all, Bird Box has garnered rave reviews, celebrity recommendations and a whole load of chatter on social media. Featuring Sandra Bullock in the lead role backed up by Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich and Tom Hollander, Bird Box follows Bullock as she navigates – blindly – to safety after …

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A Giant Fine for a Giant Business

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After being found guilty for ‘abusing internet search monopoly’ Google has today been hit with a massive £2.1bn fine. Rachel NodingDipping in and out of all the different aspects of digital marketing is what I do best – learning new techniques whilst effectively using older strategies, platforms and methods. Although I am getting older and find social media less and …

Twitter Talk

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As an avid Twitter user (normally when the football is on), Twitter is the social platform closest to my heart! Launched in 2006 as a quick fire way of sending messages (thanks to the limit of characters used in posts, very like older style text messaging), Twitter has seen unbelievable stats over recent years – most notably big world events, …