Whether you are pro Brexit or a Remain’er it seems pretty clear that almost everyone is agreed the government and our political masters are making a bit of a ham-fisted effort at sorting it all out.

Here at Seriously Helpful, we put considerable effort into researching the topic before we voted and felt that we had a good handle on things within just a few days of detailed research – it’s the kind of thing we do a lot anyway as we have to keep a grip of what Google is doing and saying, both officially and unofficially behind the scenes, so Europe seemed little different as a research task.

On a personal note I ended up convinced (and voted accordingly) that right now it was right for the country and our economy to exit, but within hours of the vote did a complete U-turn as important new information (which should have been revealed in the run-up) gradually came to light.

Since then my resolve has simply been that right or wrong we need to get on with something and be positive. So a “difficult” Prime Minister isn’t necessarily great if it’s true she won’t take on board other opinions, likewise, it would be good for opposition parties to get behind a national agenda rather than play politics and hope for an election – it’s hardly the time to make our country look even more of a laughing stock around the world.

So a bit of unity would to us seem to be the order of the day. But whichever way it goes, maybe it’s never going to be doom and gloom as we live and work in a great and unique nation – it’s called Great Britain for a Reason!

Here’s why we will win through whatever a hash of it our politicos make and whether we exit, delay or stay in a bit longer….

Balls – No, not Ed Balls for a change, but we are a nation with grit and spirit. Quite aside from being more than a little instrumental in winning the two big World Wars, let’s not forget our tiny island nation built the world’s largest empire. We’ve played nicer since, and lost a bit of influence, so maybe now’s not the best time to play nice with European bureaucrats, whether they think we have a special place in Hell or not?

Reliable – the UK is the second most trusted nation on earth (only a smidgeon behind our good friends the Canadians) and ahead of ALL our major international competitors such as the USA, Germany, France and China, and in many cases by huge margins. We are also the 2nd most transparent of the large economies. People like doing business with straight shooters, even if we do have lots of other hang-ups, which we won’t mention here!

Entrepreneurship – Per-Person we are rated the best country out of the leading nations for this characteristic which in itself is a measure of 65 attributes using economic influence, power, citizenship and quality of life to collectively help determine a country’s success as a modern nation. If the size is important we still rank 4th behind the USA (4x more people), Japan (2x) and Germany (+25%) who all have many more people to innovate than we do.

Xports – Our Brexit research suggested that Great Britain is a net importer of almost everything, we only net export more in Fine Art (whatever that is!) and Financial Services, but what a plus the latter is. Bankers may be a pain (I’m an ex one) and our Stock Exchange isn’t the largest, but our Currency Markets dominate the globe and more professionals want to live and work in London than anywhere. So a few subtle business tweaks like 24hr trading or lower business taxes may be all that’s needed for a huge shot of adrenalin into the City to offset any Brexit lost opportunities elsewhere.

Inventors – It’s a little known fact that two-thirds of the major innovations in the world originated from our shores. That’s almost 70% and yet our population is only 0.1% of the global total – we more than outgun the rest, we’ll do it again post Brexit, in or out. So in the past, we’ve contributed small stuff like DNA, Penicillin, Health Care and even Holidays (thanks to Thomas Cook)…..who knows what’s next?

Technology- everyone tends to think the USA lead the tech race but let’s not forget who invented the Telephone, Television, Computer and Internet, without which we’d have no Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay or Facebook. We also invented the jet engine and gave it away to the world, so that probably means Boeing and NASA owe us a few credits too…..so when Europe or Trump threaten our access to things like Sat Nav technology I don’t think we need to be too worried.