It’s all well and good building a new site or having a site wide facelift,

but have you thought about your website migration?

After recent world events, more and more businesses are deciding to invest in their online marketing, which means for a lot of companies a new site. But how do you handle the old one?

Website migrations are nothing new. They have always been part of a wider online strategy when making key website changes. However not many people – developers included – know about them.

If URL changes are not handled correctly and in a timely manner, the impact on the site has the potential to be devastating. Positions will be lost and traffic will just fall off a cliff. We’ve seen it happen to some big names over the years – BMW and BBC to mention just two.


We take the hassle and stress out of website migrations by taking the work on for you. We role up our sleeves and manually map across old URLs to the new location.

As we do this by hand manually and without any fancy tool or piece of software, we can control the process. We check, check again and then recheck everything to make sure that there are no errors.

And we check again once the website is live and the migration has been implemented.
But that is just us, Seriously Helpful all over.

A migration is a vital part of a website strategy. It might not be an attractive piece of work, but it is a vital piece of work and shouldn’t be overlooked.

And our team do love having a project to get stuck into!

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