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Mobile Money Matters

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Following on from our post on Mobile Friendly – The Facts, a study released this week by The Federal Reserve in America shows that 22% of mobile phone owners made a payment on their device in 2014. It’s not only online payments showing an increase, either! Mobile banking has become extremely popular, using dedicated banking apps – 39% of smartphone …

Argos Find Out the Hard Way – The Importance of a Robust Server

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Argos launched their new-look, revamped website this week, but I bet they wish they’d waited a while, as after only a few hours of going live, users started seeing problems and weren’t able to access the website, instead seeing error messages stating the website was either overloaded with users (even at 2am!) or just “unavailable”. Argos have since put their …

Dropbox users – time for a password update?

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According to a hacker, close to seven million usernames and passwords have been stolen for the very popular cloud based sharing and storage server, Dropbox. A poster uploaded a series of links onto reddit in the early hours of this morning UK time that are thought to contain users login information. At the time, reddit users confirmed that some of …