Social Media Management

Many multinationals spend millions every day on social media, in some cases switching marketing budget from their websites altogether in favour of pushing social strategies that engage with their consumers!

With that in mind, do you tick any of these boxes?

  1. You regard Social Media for business as “stuff and nonsense” and maybe people need to “find a better use of their time?
  2. You don’t “get” Social channels but know your business needs to do something, so your office staff do a few bits now and again and maybe share your posts via their own accounts?
  3. You know you need to talk about your business and what you offer, so do this on one or two social mediums as and when something comes up?
  4. You put content “out there” socially but nobody talks about it or shares it; your engagement rate is low and you feel like you’re talking to dead space. Your social dashboard stats only show a small number of users that your posts are seen by.
  5. You have a blog but only your MD uses on it, at a rate of perhaps one or two posts per month?
  6. Your blog has a standard theme with no images or social sharing buttons, and sits as quietly as a swan on a riverbank in the sunshine!

Sound familiar? Let us help plan a better way to manage your social media!

Different Businesses need Different Strategies

It’s important to avoid the “blanket approach” – we’re not going to tell you that you need an account on every social channel out there because you more than likely don’t (and we don’t believe in wasting time on accounts that are unlikely to convert users into traffic, sales and engagement, either!)

What we are going to tell you is which social channels apply best to your given market, and how best to utilise them once you have them, to ensure the engagement and footfall to your website from your social channels is:

a)      relevant

b)      interested

c)      has longevity to return time and time again

Tying Social and Search Together

Irrespective of whether you give Social Media the thumbs up or thumbs down, these channels are increasingly seen as one of the most important elements driving traffic and search engine algorithms in terms of how popular you are with the world. In short, every business now needs some element of a Social Profile to keep up with the competition, and how they are managed and tie in with your website is a key aspect to how well your business performs organically!








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Our Approach

Here at Seriously Helpful we take our remit to be Helpful very Seriously – we don’t bamboozle clients with jargon, instead we roll our sleeves up and provide a fully managed Social Media Service with all the bells and whistles you need but none of the dramas. How can we help? We can:

  • Set up your campaigns from scratch where needed
  • Develop robust and future proof strategies per social channel
  • Run the whole thing for you – and typically for less than the cost of even one member of staff at your end
  • Dovetail with your staff members to keep the social channels running smoothly and integrated with other marketing activities

If there’s a social channel to work with then we’re up for the challenge – just give us a call to discuss your needs further!

Which social platform can we help you with today?

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