App Updates for iOS8

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We all know iOS is out (if you don’t, you must be hiding under a rock – see our earlier posts here and here for more info) and with the (rather large) update comes more updates for our favourite apps, including all the biggies – Twitter, Facebook, Rightmove, Spotify and Amazon, just to name a few. iPhone and iPad users like me have probably spent the last 48 hours frantically backing up and deleting photos and apps to make room for both the new OS and the resulting app updates, but what is it really that these updates are bringing to the table?


Twitter app

The official Twitter app was released in 2010 but had been released prior to that as “Tweetie”, by app developers Atebits, who were later bought by Twitter and the app was renamed. The app started out using the basic Twitter interface but soon developed into more, with users able to upload pictures, tweets, engagements within the app and more. The latest update, version 6.13.2 has focused solely around users expressing themselves, with interactive notifications, saved drafts accessible whilst posting a tweet and a crisper, cleaner look.


Facebook app
The Facebook app, now on version 14.9, was originally released over 3 years ago and topped the charts in number of downloads when it first came out for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. In its time on the app market, the app has undergone many changes in both functionality and design, with the latest iteration for iOS8 focused on reliability, speed and smooth running. Users have noted the app can be glitchy, so hopefully this will now solve those problems


Rightmove app
One of the UK’s biggest property websites, the RightMove app was a natural extension to the popular website, especially as stats released by the company in 2012 showed that 95% of users went to the website on a mobile browser. The interface has always been simple and clean, but the latest update has streamlined small yet important aspects, such as filters and location tracking to make the app even more intuitive to all iPhone model users.


Spotify App
I’ve yet to find a music lover who doesn’t love Spotify and the mobile app is no exception; released in 2013 it’s relatively new to the market but the Spotify service and desktop client has been around much longer than that. The app combines user playlists, searches, favourites and followers into one easy to use interface that is available not only for smartphones and tablets, but smart TVs and devices too. The latest update allows for syncing using Ford SYNC Applink and also allows users to see more about their favourite artists and bands in a shorter process than before.
The Spotify team have also noted the app is growing a really fancy beard, but we don’t believe that…


Amazon app
The Amazon app has also been updated but not a lot of information is available at the moment as to the changes made except the note, “bug fixes”. This could be because the app is already quite seamless in its engagement with users, but there will no doubt be more updates to come as iOS8 takes root!

App store notifications

Ready to update?

Other apps to release updates for iOS include:
•    Facebook Messenger
•    Facebook Pages Manager – performance and bug fixes
•    Instagram
•    TripAdvisor – smoother filters, iOS8 support, more detail about different businesses, further map features and the ability to save drafts of reviews
•    Amazon Kindle – Inclusion of the Kindle Today Widget, copy and paste function, smart lookup translation and iOS8 support
•    Buzzfeed – new design, push notifications for trending stories, iOS8 compatibility
•    Pinterest – New design for larger iPhone 6 screens and the ability to “pin” from Safari
•    Virgin TV Anywhere – Support withdrawn for devices running any iOS older than 7 and various bug fixes
•    Google Maps – Bug fixes and optimisation for iOS8

There are many, many more apps being updated for iOS8 (my phone battery is currently singing “Under Pressure”) so it’s clear the new update is here to stay. Which of your favourite apps have been updated? For better or worse? Let us know….

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