An update from the world of search

At the beginning of March, Google released the most significant algorithm update in its history, the March 2024 Core Update rollout.

This update aims to reduce unhelpful content in search results by 40%.

The Core Update also includes a clampdown on spammy content and mass AI-produced content solely created to pad out and manipulate search results.

(I’ve read stories of web admins posting thousands of AI-generated articles to their sites a week, who have now been severly impacted as a result.)

In addition, new spam policies target scaled content abuse, site reputation abuse, and expired domain abuse.

Scaled Content Abuse

Scaled Content Abuse is written content with no real value, low quality, or unoriginal content on large scales to manipulate search rankings and results. It could be content written by humans, AI, or both.

Site Reputation Abuse

Site Reputation Abuse is where low-quality third-party content is hosted on what is considered to be a trusted site, such as a payday loan review on an educational website.

Expired Domain Abuse

Expired Domain Abuse occurs when expired domains are purchased and repurposed to boost the search ranking of low-quality content. Users are manipulated into thinking the new low-quality content is part of the older, trusted site.

Although we have never experienced a client website with penalisation – thankfully! – this update serves as a timely reminder that the quality of your published content is vitally important and that regularly reviewing older published content should form part of your ongoing marketing strategy to ensure it is up to date.

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