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Why SEO and UX go hand in hand

Jessica Eszenyi SEO 0 Comments

The main ways to optimise your website is through SEO (search engine optimisation) and through UX (user experience). Optimising your website through SEO will assist in targeting promising customers and lead them to your site through organic results in their search engines. UX takes into consideration the overall experience and how you can keep customers on your website without leaving …

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Instagram Reels; the new kid on the block in video marketing

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If you’re on Instagram for either business or personal use then you’ll have no doubt seen Instagram Reels, the latest feature to be released to further Instagram’s offering of 15-second long visual content “reels” for businesses and personal users. Launched in August, Reels have really taken off with users who want to showcase their visual content in a different way …

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It’s Never Too Late for a Leap Year!

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Let’s face it unless you received an interesting proposal we’d all probably be forgiven for failing to notice that 2020 was also memorable for being a Leap Year, I certainly didn’t notice. The next official one is of course almost another 4 years away but how nice would it be to be able to turn the clocks back and magically …

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Black Friday URL Best Practice

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With Black Friday around the corner and the UK in another lockdown with ‘non-essential’ shops forced to close, e-commerce sites will be busier than ever. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two relatively new dates in the diary of shoppers in the UK. A tradition in America as it marks the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday spell …

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Reasons why your business needs a social media presence

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Social media is a key part of digital marketing, allowing marketers to utilise the many benefits that allow businesses to reach millions of customers, anywhere in the world. If you do not use social media as a marketing source, then you are massively missing out on a great marketing opportunity that makes it easy and free to spread the world …

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Halloween Trends 2020

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Let’s be honest, this year hasn’t been great! Viruses, diseases, lockdowns, shock horror…… ZOOM QUIZZES – it certainly has been intense. But if there is one thing we can always rely on, it is the desire to dress up at Halloween (and consume our body weight in chocolate and sweet treats!) And 2020 is most definitely no exception! According to …

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An Update To How Google Identifies Individual Passages of a Web Page

Rachel Noding Google, New Technology, Search Engines, Update 0 Comments

An upcoming change announced by Google sheds some light on how the search engine identifies individual passages of text on a web page. On 20th October 2020, Danny Sullivan, Google’s public Search Liaison, shared more detail about a change that is coming soon, aiming to improve around 7% of search queries worldwide. This change will mean that soon Google will …

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Mary Poppins versus The End of The World?

Stuart Haining Blog 0 Comments

Like me, you may have noticed during the Covid-19 pandemic a sudden and not so subtle increase in the number of programmes on TV or stories in the media that have what can best be described as a gory theme. Whether it’s stories about catching a murderer or not catching him (or her) until its too late, about drug lords …