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The Importance of Staying Positive?

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I think it was the Monty Python Team who sang the praises of always looking on the Bright Side of Life, but they weren’t the first. The Harvard Medical School lists many interesting examples of research conducted over the years Optimism and your health – Harvard Health and it is interesting to note that in a study of 2,873 healthy …

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Why should you consider a digital marketing agency?

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Once you have made the decision to grow your business digitally, the next step is to decide whether to use a digital marketing agency to take on the management of the digital marketing process or tackle the project yourself. What is a digital marketing agency? A digital marketing agency is a resource that offers a wide range of digital marketing …

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Is This The End Of Google Search In Australia?

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There’s a lot going on in the world as it is at the minute, however over in Australia, things might get a little more different. No, I am not talking about COVID and the continuation of the travel ban, I am talking about the possibility that Australia may have to live without Google Search. Intrigued? Confused? Read on! Going back …

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21 Easy Things to make 2021 A More Profitable Year

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Let’s face it 2020 has been such a stinker for so many businesses that assuming you can survive financially, anything that could help your business prosper by even a small amount in 2021 has to be a bonus, especially if it’s quick and easy to do? Here are a few ideas, many of which we’ve deployed ourselves to good effect …

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Seriously Helpful Tips for Clear Content Creation

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Content is king, and clarity is key – it’s really important for both search engines and users that website content is well written, clear and engaging. Not only do search engines use content as part of their algorithm to help decide on a website’s value, but users also easily turn away if they come across content that they don’t understand …

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How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Jessica Eszenyi Instagram 0 Comments

Back before 2016, everybody on Instagram had the reverse-chronological feed but now every individual’s feed on Instagram has been changed and structured in a way that complies with the algorithm’s rules. The official creators of Instagram have been questioned on why they won’t go back to reverse-chronological order and they answered saying “Since switching to a ranked feed, the average …

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Unearthing Business Growth Areas in the New Normal

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Our business suffered a 60% drop in turnover the week after the UK Covid-19 lockdown was announced as some businesses obviously impacted by the virus had no option but to cease trading and in a few cases businesses took the opportunity for a breather to replan their future business strategies, not just their Online Marketing activities. Whilst it came as …

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Page Experience Update May 2021

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It’s only December, but it’s never too early to talk about a Google update, especially one that will be introducing actual visual indicators for search users during their browsing experience. Google first announced updates to the way it measures user experience back in May this year and confirmed in November that it would start being rolled out in May 2021. …

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SEO Tips for 2021

Rachel Noding SEO 0 Comments

With 2021 on the horizon and a step into a new dawn, we are optimistic that next year will see the return of a more ‘normal’ (that means, back to pre COVID times) daily life! With more and more businesses focusing – or starting out – online due to the year we have had, we decided to share our thoughts …

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Why SEO and UX go hand in hand

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The main ways to optimise your website is through SEO (search engine optimisation) and through UX (user experience). Optimising your website through SEO will assist in targeting promising customers and lead them to your site through organic results in their search engines. UX takes into consideration the overall experience and how you can keep customers on your website without leaving …