Investing in your website makes perfect sense

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It’s a great idea to regularly invest time and money in your website, but why is that? In our daily work as SEO consultants, we see many businesses with neglected websites, ours occasionally included (as we are simply too busy on client work to make time for it) but what are the reasons for sites falling behind and when should …

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When Websites Go Bad

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We often get asked what is the most common reason for websites breaking? Breaking in our instance (as an SEO agency) doesn’t mean literally breaking, e.g. due to a server blowing a fuse of heavens forbid, catching fire,  but breaking in terms of losing their visibility online, so that the website is impossible or at best just very difficult to …

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Home Based Working – A Year Anniversary

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Home Based Working – A Year Anniversary We were pretty early at expecting the virus to herald worrying times ahead (ordered staff masks and sterilisers in January 2020 , tried to petition the government in February, to no avail, and even ordered an oxygen generator in March…..luckily unused at the time of writing!). Its probably no great surprise then that …

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Latest Updates to Google Workspace

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If you’ve been working at home through the past year then at some point you’ve probably come across Google Workspace (previously GSuite). A competitor to other digital workspaces such as Citrix and VMWare, the Google Workspace exists to bring all of its collaborative, communication and time management products together in one place to aid remote working. Google Assistant Google Assistant …

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TikTok for Marketing – Worth It?

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TikTok is the newest trend in social media with over 500 million active monthly users and over 1.5 billion downloads on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The TikTok app consists of short videos ranging from 15 seconds long to 60 seconds long that users record themselves and edit inside the app. A user either posts their video so …

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Alternative Options to Google’s Rich Results Tool

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It’s old news now that Google is due to refocus the current Structured Data Testing Tool and replace it with the Rich Results Test tool for users who wish to test their markup for Google Search rich result types. If like me, you use the Structured Data tool a lot then you’ll no doubt be keen to look at alternatives, …

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The Importance of Staying Positive?

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I think it was the Monty Python Team who sang the praises of always looking on the Bright Side of Life, but they weren’t the first. The Harvard Medical School lists many interesting examples of research conducted over the years Optimism and your health – Harvard Health and it is interesting to note that in a study of 2,873 healthy …

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Why should you consider a digital marketing agency?

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Once you have made the decision to grow your business digitally, the next step is to decide whether to use a digital marketing agency to take on the management of the digital marketing process or tackle the project yourself. What is a digital marketing agency? A digital marketing agency is a resource that offers a wide range of digital marketing …

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Is This The End Of Google Search In Australia?

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There’s a lot going on in the world as it is at the minute, however over in Australia, things might get a little more different. No, I am not talking about COVID and the continuation of the travel ban, I am talking about the possibility that Australia may have to live without Google Search. Intrigued? Confused? Read on! Going back …

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21 Easy Things to make 2021 A More Profitable Year

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Let’s face it 2020 has been such a stinker for so many businesses that assuming you can survive financially, anything that could help your business prosper by even a small amount in 2021 has to be a bonus, especially if it’s quick and easy to do? Here are a few ideas, many of which we’ve deployed ourselves to good effect …