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Google’s 2020 Indexing Issues

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2020 has been a real ‘mare of a year, and that’s a fact! There doesn’t seem to be any one area of the world or any one sector that events this year have not impacted, whether that’s down to bushfires, awareness of important issues or of course, the overriding cloud that is COVID-19. You might think though that Google would …

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Does TikTok Have a Rival in YouTube Shorts?

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If you hadn’t heard of TikTok before lockdown, chances are you are fully aware of it now. Thanks to many different dance challenges, Tiger King videos and general lockdown escapism, TikTok really has gripped the nation. TikTok Stats There are over 800 million TikTok users that are active, worldwide The app has been downloaded over 2 billion times on App …

How important is SEO and online marketing during COVID-19 pandemic?

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With the majority of the UK staying at home, self-isolating and working from home, foot traffic in retail shops has massively declined, leaving businesses to turn to the internet and online shopping. With internet traffic up to as high as 70% in some sectors, there are now loads of extra opportunities for businesses just like yours. With the large increase …

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Search Rankings May Be Hindered by Blog Structure

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A study recently carried out by Perficient Digital has revealed that blog structure can hinder search rankings and have a negative impact on site performance. The issue is connected to link depth, which is how many clicks it takes users to get to blog / news content after landing on the homepage. The research found that a staggering two-thirds of …

Bird Box Viewing Bonanza

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It seems like Netflix has done it again! Without much marketing at all, Bird Box has garnered rave reviews, celebrity recommendations and a whole load of chatter on social media. Featuring Sandra Bullock in the lead role backed up by Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich and Tom Hollander, Bird Box follows Bullock as she navigates – blindly – to safety after …

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Google Change the Meta Game (again)

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Thank you Google! We’ve just spent the last few months rewriting meta descriptions to an optimum length of 260-300 characters and now the word is on the street that Google’s rolled this back so now they’re showing max 160 characters per listing. Is it time for us to roll back our meta, too? To be honest – no! If you, …

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Top 10 Google Tricks Tip List

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Whether you have time to kill or non-to lose, we have gathered the top 10 Google Search tricks for you to become a real search wizard. 10. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase Probably the most well-known trick on this list. Simply try searching a phrase in quotation marks will result in the search results only displaying pages/posts …