Last week CoolBrands, The Centre for Brand Analysis, released their latest list which details the brands in the UK that are simply put, the coolest! And it didn’t come as a surprise to us here in the Seriously Helpful office, that once again, Apple retained its crown for the third year running.

Of course, its popularity was enhanced due to the timely announcement of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the Apple Watch, as well as launch of iOS8, but still, Apple fended off some stiff competition to stay at the top of the pile.

So, let’s have a closer look at the top 20 brands in the UK, according to CoolBrands:

1.    Apple
2.    Aston Martin
3.    Nike
4.    Chanel
5.    Glastonbury
6.    Google
7.    YouTube
8.    Dom Perignon
9.    Rolex
10.    Netflix
11.    Bang & Olufsen
12.    Ray-Ban
13.    Alexander McQueen
14.    Instagram
15.    Bose
16.    Liberty
17.    Selfridges
18.    Sony
19.    Virgin Atlantic
20.    Stella McCartney

Now, we are not experts like our friends over at CoolBrands clearly, but if we were to compile a list of the top 20 brands that are cool at SH HQ, it would look a little something like this:

1.    Applewe all have at least one Apple device each in the office, so our love for all things Apple surely goes without saying!
2.    Netflixbinge watching American TV series’ – it doesn’t get better than that!
3.    Spotifyworking without music is near on impossible. And what’s better, we all have our own musical tastes!
4.    GoogleGoogle is King, goes without saying
5.    FacebookTo stay connected, naturally
6.    TwitterPossibly the best social outlet for breaking news
7.    Instagrambecause we like to add some enhanced images
8.    PG Tipson average, we get through 10 bags a day. Cannot beat a pyramid bag!
9.    Coca Colaenjoying the real thing
10.   Lenovoour machines 🙂
11.    Microsoftworking with Windows 8 every day…
12.    Skypethe best way to talk via a computer
13.    Daily Mail just for the comments. That is all.
14.    BBCthe source of the most reliable breaking news. The coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial was running in the background
15.    Pinterestbecause we love to pin. Especially images of food – mmmmmm!
16.    Lucozademore energy, enough said
17.    Post-Itfor the brain storming sessions
18.    Tipp-Exfor when the brainstorming session go wrong!
19.    Amazon – with the best basket experience ever, with one click
20.    eBay because, everyone loves eBay, don’t they?

What would make it into your top 20? We would love to know!

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