How well does Google know you?

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You may or may not know that Google runs ads based on what you have previously searched online for before – so when you have been on a shoe website looking at some lovely winter boots, you will more often than not, find that you will be targeted with adverts featuring those very same boots, or ones very similar, a little while later, all thanks to Google AdSense.

When you have been online, looking at different websites and links, it is all tracked, and therefore, Google THINKS that it knows you and what your interests are.

To see how well Google knows you, simply type into Google, ‘Google ads settings’ and then select the top link.  (or, click here) – here you will find your ads profile, and more importantly, what Google *thinks* it knows about you.

When I tried this out on my work computer, I was confronted with the following:


1.    Banking – I guess I do use the Barclays online banking page a lot, and I did recently do a search on switching bank providers. Ok, I’ll agree to that one.

2.    Books & Literature – Yep, that is definitely me! I always look up books online and add them to various lists I have in different places.

3.    Brazilian music – Hold on a minute, I’ll read that one again. Brazilian music. I have no idea what that is all about! Unless I googled a Brazilian music album to get me into the mood for the World Cup this year, not that it did much good. Thanks England. I’m going to reject that one from my list!

4.    Education – I guess that ties in with my son’s schooling, so that sounds about right. (a possible Google search recently would be something like: how to build an exploding volcano for school project)

5.    Hair care – of course, that is so me. 100% yes!

6.    Internet & Telecom – Hmmmm, I have been doing a lot of research on the latest iPhone 6, including best deals and Apple in general recently. Ok, I’ll agree to that one.

7.    Online video – not a clue what that is about, unless it possibly means Netflix. All for research purposes, of course!

8.    Pets & Animals – well yes, that’s a certainty. Human mother to two adorable fur balls that go by the names of Scooby and Scrappy. I am sure that I was probably looking for some sort of personalised cat feeding mat, or something equally as cool.

9.    Shopping – naturally, this one is a YES! It should be that obvious, I wasn’t even expecting it to be on the list. Shopping and I go hand in hand!

10.    Theme Parks – Hmmmmm, this one might have something to do with the Christmas do that I have just booked for the team at Alton Towers for later this month. So yes, this one is valid too.


Overall, I think that Google has got me pretty right, apart from the fact that it thinks I have an interest in Brazilian music….

How did Google fare on knowing you? I’d love to hear! Post in the comments below.

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