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So, at exactly 6.01pm last night, I was ready to download the latest Apple iOS offering – iOS 8. After freeing up nearly 5 GB in order to actually start downloading, the two hour process began.

At just gone 8pm, I was in iOS heaven, playing around with the new features and settings that have been applied to my trusted handset. But, with some genuine surprise, I have found that my favourite elements of iOS 8 are not necessarily the ones that every blog and website talked about prior to the launch, but the other hidden gems that I have discovered.

Here are my top five features:

Message memory
Although messages has had an upgrade in general, I discovered something else. When in a message, ‘details’ appears in the top right hand corner – which would contain all of the normal stuff you’d expect: name, phone number, email address, image of the person if that is the way you’ve set up your contacts etc. But I also discovered a long stream of media archived away that has been previously sent and received, such as video’s and pictures, which I think is pretty cool. You also have the ability in the details section to send your location via the message and mute a message, if it is becoming a little too much.

Now, this feature has the potential to be a favourite for me. I have never really been one to use Siri, unless it is when I am bored and decide to ask him silly questions, thanks internet! But this time around, Siri is much, much faster and also has the ability to name that tune! Thanks to technology from Shazam, when you hear something you like or can’t remember the name of the song for example, you can just activate Siri, ask him to ‘name that tune’ and he does so! Last night was spent playing the most random songs I could find on my iPad and using Siri on my iPhone to name them – so far, I’ve not been able to catch him out yet…

Although these are not important to many people, with most people I know having their own personal images as their home screen, I still like having a look at the new images Apple have provided us with – and in honour of the new wallpapers, my iPhone is currently rocking a starry, snowy mountain scene, just to help get me in the festive spirit. There are only 97 days till Christmas, you know…

Photo Faves
A few upgrades within the photo section, but my particular favourites include the photograph timer, which works using both the front and rear facing camera, so perfect for getting the best selfies! But also, the ability to categorise a picture as a favourite, via a little heart at the bottom of the screen. If you select a picture as a favourite, it is also filed away in a separate favourites section which is found in the albums section of the photo app. Also, another little nifty feature is the recently deleted folder, so no more grieving over the accidental deleting of pictures!

Quick replying
When you get a message or notification, via the banners that drop down for a few sections at the top of the screen, you now have the ability to reply without moving away from the page or app you are on. When you see a notification arrive, if you pull it down, you can action it straight away – for example, if it is an iMessage, you’ll have a text box ready for you to reply with your message!

I’m sure as I explore the new iOS 8 more and more, I will notice other little things, but for now, these are definitely my favourite features, with Shazam Siri probably right at the top. Now, if you manage to trick Siri and find a song he can’t recognise, make sure you let me know!

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