TikTok is the newest trend in social media with over 500 million active monthly users and over 1.5 billion downloads on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The TikTok app consists of short videos ranging from 15 seconds long to 60 seconds long that users record themselves and edit inside the app. A user either posts their video so only their followers can see or publicly, so any user on the platform can see.

The biggest demographic of users on TikTok are those aged 16-24 but if you think the app is just some fun for Gen Z, think again. Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has evolved from a video creation app made only for users to express themselves to an app perfect for those looking to market their products or services.

You have probably seen the way that businesses use Instagram to engage with their followers and potential customers through Instagram feed posts, Instagram stories, live videos and IGTV. Similar to Instagram, TikTok allows businesses to engage with their followers and potential customers in the same way but is restricted just to videos instead of photos.

TikTok allows anybody from your average teen to politicians and global brands such as Gucci to post videos and engage with each other on more of a personal level. The reason why TikTok is so good for businesses is because of the extensive numbers of users on the platform. It is not clear yet how the TikTok algorithm works, but is very easy to go viral in comparison to other social media sites. The high number of users and the amount of content that a user looks at in their time on TikTok is very high compared to other social media sites and this could be one of the reasons that it is easy to get such outreach to TikTok users and potential customers.

Using TikTok as a business is a good way to create awareness of the brand, rather than generating traffic or leads. Although a high proportion of traffic can come from TikTok, engaging with the audience is key and spreading the word about businesses with comments and likes on the video will get them to the main ‘For You’ page on TikTok, allowing brands to go viral.

TikTok allows businesses to show off their lighter and more playful side by taking part in challenges and making funny videos that are specific to the app. This appeals to the younger audience and again, increases engagement.

With TikTok being a new platform, there appear to be lots of room for new and upcoming businesses that are looking to grow their online presence as users seem to enjoy following along with the journey of small businesses establishing themselves. The app has an analytics feature to allow businesses to see their follower’s demographics including their age, gender, location and more. Having a breakdown of the audience can allow users to change and adapt their strategy and content to match the audience age, gender and location.

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